Tresco Isle is flying off our site!

A necklace and bracelet are sold out...

Limited Edition and gone forever...

Due to unprecedented demand, a couple items from our Limited Edition Tresco Isle collection (that was just released 7 days ago) are already gone! Sorry to disappoint, but the Terrace Blooms Statement Collar and Multi-colored Abbey Garden Rhinestone Bracelet are gone as of today. The Abbey Garden Rhinestone Bracelet in blue & white is dwindling too.

Not M.I.A. just SUPER BUSY!

I apologize as I know I owe so many of you thank you notes still. I pride myself in being able to write you all my thoughts of gratitude, but life has been insanely full with the rapid growth of Chloe + Isabel and my family's busy schedule. C+I has officially moved on to Sophomore status with so many cool features coming (think the coolest technological advances!!) and a branch into other products such as fragrance! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your unending support. I look forward to seeing you all soon! Don't hesitate to reach out and chat. You know where to reach me!

Kristiana Tom, Merchandise Manager

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