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"Technology is A tool, not THE tool!" ~ Bob Parsons, VBCPS ITS

"Every classroom should include technology, but not every lesson should." ~Ellen Nesbit, VBCPS ITS

The GAFE Train

Check out the Interactive GAFE Train at Thinglink for more information regarding Google Apps for Education!
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Share to Classroom

Share to Classroom

Attention Google Classroom users!

Have you added the Share to Classroom extension to Chrome yet? If not, you will love it! Share to Classroom allows you to easily push webpage links to your class. Not only can you send your students links to websites, but you can send them links to apps and extensions from the Web Store too. That way your students don't have to type in long web addresses or search for the app you want them to install.

Once you install Share to Classroom, a Classroom icon will appear to the right of the omnibox (the box with the web address in it). To use the extension fully, both teacher and student need to have the add-on installed.

So how does it work? If you are on a page you want to share with your class, simply click the icon. If it is installed on both teacher and student devices: choose the class you want to share to, click push, and magically all the student will be on the same page. Yes, really! If it is only on the teacher device or if you want students to access the site independently: choose the class you want to share to, from the push to students drop down choose how you want it to appear to them (assignment/announcement), type in the title/information and click either assign or post. Then the link will appear in your class stream ! Try it out!

Check Out the New Google Docs & Slides Templates

Earlier this month, Richard Byrne posted in his blog about the release of new templates in Google Docs and Slides. The templates are great for creating a base starting point for a project. You can send the template to the entire class via your Google Classroom and everyone will have it!

Check out these videos on how to find templates for Google Docs, Slides and Templates and then how to modify them to fit your needs!

How to use the Google Drive templates gallery
How to customize Google Forms templates

Tech Topics Classroom

If you haven't already, please take a moment to join the Tech Topic classroom (either Malibu or Windsor Woods) so we can have a virtual collaborative space! (This plays better in Chrome... you'll be prompted to log in with your network logon name and "". Your password is your network password.)

Click on the + in the upper right corner (next to your email) to join a class. Use the following classroom code (for the appropriate school) to join our Tech Topic Classroom!

Malibu Tech Topic - ew23ok

Windsor Woods Tech Topic - 5r8hya

Already A Member of Tech Topics???

If you're already a member of our Tech Topics Google Classroom, head over there now and make a post!

Tell us something you've used Google for in your classroom recently... Ask a question about using Google in the classroom... Have an idea for using it but want to bounce it off colleagues, this is the place to do it!

Let's start turning these Google Classrooms into collaborative spaces.

Jamie Frederick

Instructional Technology Specialist

Malibu ES & Windsor Woods ES