Video Game Designer


On a high level, the game designer is responsible for the concept and vision of the
game. But what does that boil down to on a day-to-day basis? In practice, the game
designer’s job looks something like this:
● Work as part of the team
● Generate the concept
● Craft the rules
● Write game and software specifications
● Guide the implementation
● Playtest the game
● Refine the concept


If you're looking for a profession that combines visual arts, gaming and computer programming skills, a job as a video game designer might be the perfect occupation for you. Video game designers build storyboards and use computer programming codes to create the elaborate audio and visual elements found in video games. Job qualifications for a video game designer generally require a bachelor's degree in computer science or computer engineering and some experience in computer programming.

Salary/Wage/Hourly Pay

entry level video game designers make between $50,000 and $80,000 annually, averaging $57,500. The highest reported salary was $200,000.