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IMS - May 2022

The end of the year is in sight!

The light of summer is showing through! There are so many events and important dates to look forward to this month so please read all of the information below.

If you take a moment to think back on how far we have come this year, it is truly amazing! Remember how our school year started? Who knew we would be able to accomplish all that we did when we started with so many restrictions and COVID concerns? We were able to have family gatherings, full classrooms, and field trips! Our school success and the student success are thanks to our dedicated staff and families! You all have made this year one to be proud of, so thank you!

We look forward to a strong finish of our school year!

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We love our staff!

Whether it is a note, drawing or special treat; our staff loved hearing from our students and families. Thank you for taking a moment to show gratitude to the hard working staff who show up and give their best every single day! We are a small but mighty school and it takes our dedicated staff to keep us moving forward. Thank you for your continued support and thank you to our staff! We appreciate you every day but are grateful to have a week to highlight how important you all are!
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As we prepare our students for EOGs, we often see many students may develop anxiety over the tests. It is important to remind our students that this is one single day and a single data point. We know they are more than a test score. We know there is more that demonstrates the overall well being and growth of each student who attends our school. Please share this with your students. Remind them to try their best and take their time. Make sure they get a good night's rest, a healthy breakfast the morning of, and a big hug from their parents/guardians.
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Bridging Information

The dates and times listed above are for all students bridging from one level to another.

Lower Elementary Bridging Ceremony is for our third years that are bridging to Upper Elementary.
Upper Elementary Bridging Ceremony is for our 6th years that are bridging to Middle School. Middle School Bridging Ceremony is for our 8th years that are bridging to High School. Children's School Bridging Ceremony is for our kindergartners that are bridging to Lower Elementary.

These ceremonies will take place outside and families are welcome to attend.

As of now, it will be on our back field between the Upper Elementary building and the Children's School. If there is inclement weather or if the outdoor classroom construction is complete, we will send notice of any changes.

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