The Thylacine

By Olivia Candiloro

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The Thylacine

The Thylacine was a large carnivorous marsupial dog with a pouch on its stomach. They are now believed to be extinct.

What it looked like...

The Thylacine looked like a tiger because of its sandy yellowish-brown colored fur and had 15 - 20 black, sometimes even dark grey or brownish stripes. They had rather short legs compared to other dogs and wolves. Their tales were stiff and began to harden as it closer to the body. Measured, the Thylacine was 180 cm (6 ft) from their nose to the tip of their tales, and stood as tall as 58 cm (2 ft) from tip of their ears to the tips of their claws. Their dense fur was short and soft.

Unfortunately, there aren't many pictures of this animal because they became extinct in 1936 as the last Thylacine died on the 7th September 1936 and cameras were invented in 1939.

Where it lived & its habitat...

The Thylacine was once widespread over Australia and New Guinea but they are best known for living in Tasmania and that's where they get their name Tasmanian Tiger.

They mostly lived in dry eucalypt forests, wetlands and grasslands. They did most of their hunting on open woodlands and grassy plains and emerged to hunt in the evening, at night and even early morning.

Thylacines were semi nocturnal so they hunted during the night and stayed sheltered in their lairs during the day.

What it ate...

Thylacines were meat eaters so they had a diet that consisted of Kangaroos, chicken (not often), sheep, wallabies, small birds and various other small marsupials.

They couldn't run fast so they jogged after their prey until it grew tired and that's when the Thylacine made its move and killed the tired animal.

Why and how it became extinct...

The last Thylacine was captured in 1933 and died in Hobart Zoo on the 7th September 1936.

They were driven to extinction probably by competition with the dingo over sheep and other animals. Most of them died of starvation because competing with the dingo was hard, tough, and very tiring as they couldn't run fast. They also became extinct because they were hunted by the white settlers because they ate farm animals.


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