Cougar Call

Issue 10 Volume 1

Spring Break?

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Materialism is defined as a preoccupation with or emphasis on material objects, comforts, and considerations. It negatively affects how people view relationships and actions.

Materialism is a common find. Black Friday is the time of year it’s most obvious victims are broadcasted on Although most cases do not end up being deadly, materialism is a problem that negatively affects us all.

The compulsive urge to have name brand items can lead to a large amount of debt. This occurs when people “live beyond their means,” or buys more expensive items than they can afford. Those who want to have the priciest stuff, like houses or cars, or even going out to way more often than they should can build up some major debt.

Studies have shown that materialism is the culprit for a number of negative psychological effects. Materialists often view their friends more objectively, because they are focused on belongings and appearances rather than personality. Materialism can also cause a lack of empathy. Materialists often measure their self-worth based on their possessions. This can lead to a low self-esteem.

While materialism generally negatively affects the average person, it does help large businesses. When people buy more stuff, it encourages enterprise. Companies run on consumerism. Materialists can only help industries grow.

Materialism has many consequences. It can cause debt, low self-esteem, and casualties. While there may be some positive effects such as a higher standard of living and increased enterprise, the negative effects outweigh the positive.

By: Sarah Holland

PAC Remains on the Diamond

The Piedmont Academy Cougar baseball team has had a great beginning to the season. The Cougars have had 5 wins, 3 losses, and 2 ties thus far, and have won both region games they have played. Head coach, Daniel Funt said “A key in having a successful season is that the players have to learn to relax, have fun, and focus on “team” first goals.” This year's goals for the team are player improvement and development, learning to do ordinary things well, making lasting memories, and proving to everyone that last year was not a fluke. Coach Funt said that he looks forward to the season to come because he is looking forward to seeing the players continue to improve, and to also accomplish team goals. The baseball team has a tough schedule to come, and obstacles they have to overcome as well. Some obstacles Coach Funt thinks the team will have in the season are “ourselves getting in the way of our potential because we are focused on individual accolades” and “needing to focus on the team, not ourselves.” Last year’s AA State Championship leads to the question, “Do you think we have a chance at being back-to-back State Champs?” Funt responded with “The talent is there, no question about it, but we have to stay healthy. There is also a lot of luck involved, and we are hoping the we will have it, and also, we have to be and stay team oriented.” When thinking on the tough season we will have, Coach Funt seems to think that all of our region opponents with be the hard to face, simply because region is always tough and pressure-packed. It is still too early speculate beyond region opponents in AA. Coach Funt is very passionate about the game, as are all of his players. The team wants to go all the way this year in hopes of defending the state title. The team asks for support from students, faculty, and parents; fans provide the motivation to do great things during the season. We wish the team best of luck as they continue to play throughout the season.

By: Haley Tyler

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Literary Takes the State Championship

Congratulations to the Piedmont Literary team who placed first overall in State GISA AA competition. In individual events Andrew Mitchell placed 1st in International Extemporaneous Speaking & Argumentative Essay, Chris McClain placed 1st in Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking. Kevin Davis placed 1st in Spelling, Steve Martin and Will Tillman placed 2nd in Duo Interpretation, Jackson Waddleton placed 2nd in Rhetorical Analysis Essay, Gabe Courtman, Owen Kimball, Chase Olson, and Steve Martin placed 3rd in Quartet, Steve Martin placed 3rd in Dramatic Interpretation, and Will Tillman placed 3rd in Humorous Interpretation. Also competing and representing our school very well were Cameron Hallman in Personal Essay and Sara Hammonds in piano. The Literary team is coached by Bobbi Sauls (head coach), April Allen, Leslie White, and Angie Marks.

By: Joseph Anderson

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Tee it up!

Piedmont's varsity golf team is currently undefeated in region play. The team's overall record is 4-0 with wins over Trinity, Flint River, John Milledge, and Loganville Christian. The members of the team are Preston Tyler, Payden Cantera, P.J. Leonetti, Chandler Burrell, Hunter Pope, Zach Beggs and Alex Perry. Region competition is Sunday, April 19 in Sandersville. If the team has a combined score of 380 or below and place in the top 4 at region, they will move on to the GISA State Tournament in Vidallia. The team has gone to state tournament play for the past two years and look make a third straight trip to the state tournament in a few weeks.

By: Angie Marks


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Relay Team - Ben Davis, Michael Edwards, Jeremiah Davies, and Hunter Knox

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Ben Davis crosses the finish line!

Track Results

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Kicking Grass! Varsity soccer teams could both go to state!

The Piedmont Girls Varsity Soccer team is 1-3-1. They beat Westfield and tied Creekside. Amelia Dodson and Haley Tyler each scored a goal against Westfield. Haley Tyler scored both goals for the Piedmont girls against Creekside. “The beginning of the season started off with injuries that included two concussions and a sprain, but now that these have healed our performance should be much better,” said Haley Tyler. Coach Norris said, “I am proud of both Varsity teams this year and have enjoyed watching them play so far this season.” The goalkeeper for the Varsity boys, Owen Kimball said, “We have struggled so far this season, but I believe that we can start to bounce back with the games against

Providence and John Milledge on Thursday and Friday.” The girls are headed to state after the regular season ends. If the boys win on Friday they will also be heading to state.

By: Joseph Anderson

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Lend-A-Paw Day

On April 21,2015 students will be going into the surrounding communities to work for others in a community outreach program called Lend a Paw Day. Some will be visiting residents at nursing homes; some will pick trash up at parks; some are helping at local food banks, etc. Each student has been challenged to raise at least one hundred dollars in sponsors. This will be a learning experience for students. The school goal is $30,000. This money will be put towards the school to help enhance the technology and the school building. The bible verse for this activity is 1 John 3:18 “Let us LOVE not in word or speech but in deed and truth.” Please support a Piedmont student by making your pledge. Holly Frank and Robin Anglin can be contacted for further information.

By: JaDe Padgett

Paws at a Glance

  • 4-15

    • Wrestling banquet

  • 4-16

    • Varsity baseball VS. Briarwood- away- @4

    • B-team baseball VS. Briarwood- away-@6

    • Grandparents meeting @1

    • Varsity boys’ soccer VS. Providence- home- @5

  • 4-17

    • Middle school baseball VS. John Milledge Academy (JMA)- double header- away- @4

    • Middle school soccer VS. JMA- home- @5

    • Varsity girls’ soccer VA. JMA- home- @6

    • Varsity boys’ soccer VS. JMA- home- @7:30

  • 4-20

    • B- Team baseball VS. JMA-away- 3:30

    • Varsity baseball VS. JMA- away- @5:30

    • Golf Region Tournament in Sandersville

  • 4-21

    • Varsity girls’ soccer VS. Gatewood- away- @5

    • Varsity boys’ soccer VS. Gatewood- away- @6:30

    • Lend- a- paw @9-2

  • 4-22

    • Mid Quarter

    • Region track @Georgia Southern

    • Coke Sale begins (ends May 8th)

  • 4-23

    • Middle school girls’ soccer VS. Gatewood- away- @4:30

    • FFA Convention

  • 4-24

    • Varsity Baseball VS. Brentwood- away- @4:30

  • 4-25

    • Varsity baseball VS. Deerfield- double header- away (at Windsor)- @1

  • 4-27

    • Fine Arts banquet

    • Book Fair (ends May 1st)

  • 4-28

    • 8th grade field trip to Atlanta History Center

    • Varsity baseball VS. Briarwood- home- SENIOR NIGHT- @4:30

    • Golf State Tournament in Valdosta

  • 4-29

    • Dress down day

  • 4-30

    • Varsity baseball VS. Westfield- away- @4

    • B-team baseball VS. Westfield- away- @6

    • State Track in Albany

  • 5-1

    • Grandparents Day Program

    • B-team baseball VS. Loganville- away- @6

  • 5-4

    • AP Chemistry Exam @8

  • 5-5

    • “CHAMPS” Graduation @1

    • PTO meeting @3:30

  • 5-7

    • Middle School Field Day

  • 5-8

    • AP History exam @8

    • Elementary chapel

  • 5-9

    • Baseball first round

    • Grandparents yard sale @8

  • 5-11

    • AP Biology exam @8

  • 5-12

    • AP Government exam @8

  • 5-13

    • Kindergarten Cap &Gown pictures @9

    • Senior Finals (end May 15th)

    • 5th grade Rock Eagle Trip

  • 5-14

    • Grandparents meeting @1

  • 5-15

    • Elementary field day

  • 5-16

    • Baseball 2nd round

  • 5-18

    • Yearbook dedication

  • 5-19

    • Kindergarten Graduation

  • 5-20


  • 5-21

    • Senior awards night @7

  • 5-22

    • Last day of School

  • 5-23

    • Senior Graduation @10

By: Haley Tyler