Help the Hungry of America

By : Luke Johnson

The Problem

1 in 6 people face hunger every day. Since insufficient calorie intake results in heart problems, fatigue, and lack of food can actually give your body a hard time absorbing food when food is eaten. It is challenging to enjoy life when your stomach is grumbling. This is why it so vitally important to help the 14% of Americans who face these problems and many more. 6.2% of Americans are unemployed, and without a steady income, it is very difficult to put food on the table. This is not a problem that is fixing itself : the number of impoverished people in the US has increased by 9.4 million people in just a 7 year span.

Helping the Hungry

Feeding America is an organization ready to face the challenges of hunger head on. Because of its efficient use of donations, (98% of donations go directly to people in need) for every $1 donated, Feeding America can secure 11 meals. That's why every dollar counts and why Feeding America is able to feed 46.5 million people annually. Feeding America is dedicated to making life easier for the hungry of America because they believe that everyone deserves a hunger-free life.