Hugs not Drugs.

Why not, It seems fun?

Marijuana has a different affect on everyone. To some it may make them feel light headed, and calm. Others it makes everything they see hilarious and be fascinated by everyday things like posters, cars, etc. But you shouldn't try it because some dealers of Cannabis are untrustworthy and sell it to hurt or kill you.

The Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana has many effects but some are, your eyes redden, your mouth can get very dry, you can get very cold at one point or get really hot at another, and your heart rate can speed up and get really fast.

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is not just for pleasure and getting high. Medical Marijuana is for people who are going through chemotherapy and for others who have aids and glaucoma. It is to help the pain you go through.

How addictive is it?

Marijuana is not addictive physically. It is addictive in the way of if you continue doing it you may have to do it more.

10 facts about marijuana.

  • Marijuana use has not been shown to increase risk of cancer.

  • There are many names for Marijuana such as weed and cannabis.