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Second Steps: Bully Prevention-Recognize and Report Bullying

3-5th September 16th-20th

3-5th Grade- We started our first of three bullying prevention lessons. Our curriculum for this unit is by the same publisher as our safety curriculum: SecondStep. We use our 3R's: Recognize, Refuse, and Report to identify bullying. Bullying is when when someone is mean, on purpose, its over and over, it is one-sided and we can't get it to stop on our own. We identified adults both at home and school that we could report to and we practiced how we would use our assertive words and actions to stand up for ourselves and others. We talked about how it varies on if we report before we refuse or we might refuse and then report if it does not stop.......It is important that we REPORT to a caring adult if the bullying does NOT stop.

4th and 5th Grades also started discussing bystanders, people who see or hear bullying happen and what bystanders can do to be a part of the solution and not the problem.

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K-2 September 9-13th

Kindergarten- We reviewed our Safety Lesson. I wanted to be sure that they knew the 3R's: Recognize, Refuse, Report and understood how to use them to keep themselves safe. We also did an extra lesson where we started talking about feelings and how to recognize our own feelings and feelings of others. We talked about the 4 basic feelings: Happy, Mad, Sad, and Scared. We practiced expressing these feelings with our faces and bodies how someone might look like if they were expressing these feelings. We read, "The Feelings Book" by Todd Parr.

Kindergarten, First and Second have also been reviewing our Bully Prevention Lessons this week. Students have been learning what bullying is: someone who is being mean, on purpose and its over and over. It is unfair and one-sided and the person it is happening to has not been able to stop it. We used scenarios about kids in bullying situations to help us RECOGNIZE, REFUSE, and REPORT behavior. We also talked about if we were being a "snitch" or a "tattletale" if we reported bullying. We all know that we are a tattletale only if we are telling to get someone in trouble. We are reporting if someone is bullying us or someone else.

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3rd-5th September 3-6th

This has been a short week! I was only here three days this week as I had off Monday for Labor Day and Friday for our monthly counselor meeting. Trying to pack 5 days into 3 was tough!!!
Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade classes learned about safety and the 3 Rs: Recognize, Refuse, Report. Third grade also reviewed the Eight Never-Never Rules. We talked about being assertive and saying "no" when a situation is unsafe. We discussed how to contact an adult when we are on our own and identified safe adults both at school and home. We talked a lot about the Always Ask First Rule and how important it is to always ask when somone wants to do somehting with you, if someone wants you to go somewhere with them, or if someone wants to give you something, ALWAYS ASK FIRST. This keeps you safe.

K-2 -August 26th-30th

Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades were learning all about safety! My younger grades all learn/review the three Rs: Recognize, Refuse, Report. They also learn the 8 Never-Never Rules. We talk through different situations in which they may need to remember the rules to be safe! We also talk about the Always Ask First Rule. Our big focus is to think before you act and to depend on the adults in charge of you to help you make good choices.

Counselor Introduction

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

I hope that you had a fun and relaxing summer!! We are all happy to be back at school and into our school routines.

I will be teaching “Counselor” lessons twice per month. We focus on topics such as personal safety, emotional regulation, bully prevention, cooperation, diversity, coping, self-concept, growth mindset, empathy, and careers. I rotate K-2 and then 3-5 every other week. I plan to share what I am teaching each month on our school web page

(Look for Counselor’s Corner on our website) Under Counselor’s Corner, I plan to share what I am teaching each week and pass a long different resources that are available to you in our community.

I also provide individual and group counseling to students who have social/emotional, academic, and/or career development issues that are interfering with their school work. Some topics for group may include coping skills, divorce, grief, anger management, stress management, social skills, academic skills, self-confidence and resiliency. If you believe that your child would benefit from individual or group counseling, please let me know.

School Counseling in an integral part of the total educational program. My goal is to assist and support your child in reaching his or her full potential-emotionally, socially, and educationally. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 573-214-3530 or I am looking forward to a wonderful school year!

Mrs. Eagle, School Counselor