lineville Technology

By: Jacob Bloohm

typing web

1) Help type faster.

2)Teaches proper typing on home row.

3) The levels keep getting harder each time you pass one.

Career Locker

1)Shows different careers and information.

2)Gives quizzes that show careers that good fir your level.

3)Puts a graph of salary that you could get at your level.

Haiku Deck

1)It is a great presentation app for fast and easy to use.

2)If you don"t have internet it doesn't matter you don't need it for this app.

3) It includes areas to post place videos and make and submit projects.

I Trailer

1)Great simulation of making movies.

2)Helps you make your own movie

3)Able to work at your own pace

Explain everything

1)Good visual presentation app

2)Able to write and draw what ever you want.

3)Can use pointer tools to show what you want to show.

Hour of code

1)Play fun games

2)Teaches you how to computer codes

3)Fun to do during technology class

Email Etiquette

1)Teaches you how to make a good email.

2)Able to teach good email class.

3)Fun to do in technology.