The Secret Life of Bees

Author Sue Monk Kidd

Sue Monk Kidd

Sue Monk Kidd is the author of The Secret Life of Bees she has, also written Traveling with Pomegranates, The Mermaid Chair, The Dance of a Dissident Daughter, Firstlight, and When the Heart Waits. All of these books have something to do with Mothers and their daughters like in The Secret Life of Bees. Her first book was published in 1992 and her last book was published in 2009. Sue Monk has fascinated people all over the world from these mother and daughter touching stories that are sure to enlighten you.

Good Morning America even put The Secret Life of Bees in the "Read This!" Book Club

Character Analysis

Lily Owens - The main Character in the book who runs away from home and finds herself while she lives in the pink house.
Rosaleen Daise - Is Lily's nanny and maid who is black and runs away with her.
T. Ray Owens - Lily Owens abusive father who makes her kneels on grits in the house as punishment.
August Boatwright - Owner of the Pink house that Lily and Rosaleen go to while they are on the run.

Cliff Hanger

Most people have a caring loving family but lily Owens is getting the least of that, after her mother passed away at a young age she has to stay with her abusive father and nanny.But when Lily finds something in her mothers things it leads her to run away with her abusive father hunting her down.


Lily Owens has run away from home with her abusive father on her tail, but while she is hiding she finds a love interest, there is one problem he is black back in a time where they have no rights, will Lily be able to outrun her father or love a man of color.

Passage of the Book

"T.Ray sat in a chair and cleaned his nails with a pocketknife. I swayed from knee to knee, hoping for a second or two of relief, but the pain cut deep in my skin" (Pg. 24)

"He bent toward me. I wanted him to lift back my veil and kiss me, and I knew he wanted to do it too, by the way he fixed his eyes on mine" (Pg. 126)

What Kind of Reader?

The type of reader that would enjoy this book would be someone who loves books that will bring you tears and the up most joy as you flip through the pages with each new page there is something that is so beautiful words can not explain it. The Kind of Reader is someone that likes a bittersweet but also something they can smile at as they can share it with their daughters.

My Choice...

This book was one that I wouldn't have looked at if a friend had not recommend me to it, I was very skeptical of the book but with one look at the first page I was hooked on it. To someone who would rather read stories of mystery this happens to me one of my favorite books.

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