What's Happening at Kelly?

Read to find out in this weeks memo!

Sneak Peak at the Week

Monday, September 19th

* Team Leader meeting 3:15

Wednesday, September 21st

* Early dismissal 1:30, PLC 1:45 @ the library

Friday, September 23rd

* RED Event 2:30 If you do not have a RED pin to wear, please stop in to Leslie's office

to pick one up.

STAR Assessment continues, please make sure you have the devices your class has decided to use "ready to roll" at the time you signed up to assess your class.

To Do:

*Login in to your account and be sure to verify your email PRIOR to your scheduled testing day. Be sure you have set up your security questions for your password.

*Be sure your accommodations are selected for your 504/IEP children.

**Email me if you will need Headphones for your class to use while testing.

Meet Nicole Johnson, paraprofessional

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50th Anniversary Open House

Thank you again to everyone that helped with all of the planning for our 50th Celebration! It was great to see all of the children in their shirts- the effort it took to make the shirts certainly paid off in the end! Be sure to check out #learningatkelly to see all of the "tweets" that the staff posted about the celebration (and if you haven't tweeted out pics yet, please do so we can see them).


A huge THANK YOU to Traci Scribner who put in a request to PTO for the school to get the subscription to Raz-Kids renewed. The "order" is currently being placed and we will let you know when it is active again. If you are new and want to learn about Raz-Kids, click here.

Flexible Seating

Last year there were a couple groups of teachers who wanted to learn more about flexible seating and how to create those changes in their classroom. Click here flexible seating to learn more about the concept if you are interested. The teachers who expressed an interest were able to observe Kayla Delzer in action and how she implemented the concept of flexible seating in her classroom. Click on her name to read more about her success with flexible seating. The biggest thing to learn about flexible seating is that you are empowering children to make the choice of where they can learn best throughout the day!

Jan Richardson Guided Reading Books

The PreA-Level J books have arrived and will be available for checkout soon. We have the next level currently being processed through MSEC. The lesson plans that come with the books were not placed in the bags. Copies of the lesson plans are currently being made so they will fit in the bags that were provided with the books. We are hoping/expecting that when you return the books, you will return the copy of the lesson plan as well. A HUGE thank you to Cindy who has started to label the books by level and label the bags as Jan Richardson books so they will be easy to find. Kari and Amy have finalized the order for additional books for transitional levels (grades 3-5 focus). Thank you to them and to Jennifer Dodds for completing the order!