Alon Siman Tov & Hadar Cohen

We are believe in the most important children's rights

  1. Right to grow up in security, peace and health - and to live in the family likes.
  2. I take care of my right to food, clothing, home and protection.
  3. Right not hurt me, do not hurt me, and that do not offend me.
  4. I have a right to learn, play, grow, and get a chance to prove myself.
  5. Right not to hurt my property and my secret.
  6. I have a right to get a name and place that Asteich.
  7. I have a right to enjoy laws that protect children.
  8. I have a right not drop me, and treat me as an equal - even if I'm different.
  9. My right to speak my mind and express my feelings.
  10. I have a right to be led to the dignity - listen to me and should accommodate me.


Iqbal, a 14 year old .his brother was very sick, and the parents of him was not enough money to pay for the drugs to their son. Iqbal was sold by his family to Hussein Kahn.
Hussein has a large factory carpet. All the children were sold by their families form the reason that they didn't have money.
When Iqbal came to the factory, is liked by all children and especially by Fatima. Hussein Khan was abusing them.
One day ,Iqbal planned with his factory which is run away and call the police see Hussein abusing them. Iqbal managed to escape and called the police.
Once police arrived to the factory, the police were bribed by Hussein because he wanna they didn't tell authorities about the his abuse.

Iqbal escaped again. When he returned the next day, he brought with him to the factory man named Easha Kahn, his job was to help children who abuse them, all the kids knew him, they brought with them the police.
Hussein begged and asked that not take his employees, but they left to the headquarters. Most kids left their headquarters and returned to their families but Iqbal had another plan - to avenge the people who took from his family so much money - the moneylenders, basically just because of them Iqbal was sent to work in the factory.

We call to everyone that wanna to help children !

Many children are employed by many people who abuse them.
We call you - come and help to the children that abuse them, throw them in tombs: in the tombs no food, no society, only spiders and scorpions.

Imagine if you were in their place, how would you feel?

We opened a group that help for such children. we invite you to join us, even today !

Global Friendship

A Global Friendship is an international non-profit that works towards empowering women and poverty alleviation.

We create economic opportunities for women in developing regions by helping them build small business skills and giving them access to an international market. Investing in women helps improve labor productivity, creates economic growth and helps them come out of the ‘poverty trap’.

We travel around the world to find women who are willing to work towards improving their communities. We help them identify business skills, predominantly traditional craft techniques, merge them with contemporary designs and then sell their products in boutiques in the US and the Caribbean. Proceeds are then re-invested in the same communities. We strive towards imminent community development, working at the grassroots level and making local economies more sustainable.

We treat these women as a part of our family. Our partnerships consist of reciprocity, shared values and respect. We strongly believe that empowering these women would help them contribute more towards improving their lives and the communities they live in.

Come and join our group, which raises money for children abused