Tiger Tales

April 18 - 22

What's Happening This Week...............................................

Monday, April 18

  • No School

Tuesday, April 19 - Day 3

  • Classes Resume

Wednesday, April 20 - Day 4

  • Grade Level PLCs - Prep
  • Kindergarten Promotion Pictures - 8:15 AM / MPR

Thursday, April 21 - Day 5
  • Events Committee Meeting - 7:00 AM / Rm. 2224
  • Grade Level RTI Meetings - Preps
  • Spring Family Event - 3:00 PM

Friday, April 22 - Day 6

  • Nacho Sales - All Student Lunches

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TIGER ROARS......................

1. Please remind your students they must wear their uniforms to school. Please contact parents and document. If you believe the student is in need of a uniform or assistance - please notify Myriam.

2. You MUST complete your EMOCA prior to entering campus.

3. For safety and security reason - all gates must be locked. Please make sure you lock the gate behind you when you enter and exit campus.

4. If you have a student out on isolation / quarantine. You must provide a means for asynchronous and synchronous instruction during the day. Our expectation is for you to schedule a time with the student/family to provide instruction and support with content daily. Assignments and assessments must be available via Canvas. Some parents have requested live streaming. Work together with your families to decide the best plan for each individual child. If you have any questions please contact administration. You will be notified if you have a student out on isolation / quarantine.