Theme in Shakespeare Julius Caesar

By Dalton Seckinger

Theme paragraph

In William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, a controversial attempt to kill the emperor of Rome, in which a long friendship comes to an end, by Brutus; a trustworthy man of Julius Caesar for as far back as their childhood goes. Overall, Shakespeare’s tragedy displays how jealousy can override a thick bind of friendship to the extent of death and the manipulation of words to do so.

From the play, Shakespeare uses tons of characterization to present how the actions and speeches deceive people. Brutus comes across as the one out of a best friend relationship that has not succeeded to the level of the other, and now it is seeping into his head. Really there was completely no reason to kill Caesar, but the only probable cause was jealousy of Julius’s heroic reign and love from the people. A quote by Brutus stated “What means this shouting? I do fear the people choose Caesar for their king” (line 84). It goes on with the conversation with Cassius that demonstrates how Brutus hates how Caesar has been chosen for king, but yet he blames it on the honor of this society rather than his jealous manner. Shakespeare also uses symbolism to show the true Brutus and how he believes about going through with his plan. On line 245, Brutus says to “his” men “Good Gentlemen… good morrow to you every one,” and basically Brutus says put on the mask that Caesar shall not be able to notice a sudden change of character with you before we attack. This just symbolically summarizes Brutus throughout the journey and his manipulative side: with Julius and acting like nothing has changed and with the people of Rome that has been brainwashed to following Brutus.

Brutus simply could not stand the fact that Julius was powerful and almighty, while Brutus lay a follower of his once close friend. In one of the movie scenes, when Caesar was bleeding out from all others stabbings, Brutus walks up to him, contemplates what he has done, but then follows through because his almighty wishing’s and jealously pushed him to stab him.