Help us support our BIZWORLD

Save The DATE-Fri. May 8th


Friday, May 8th, 1:45pm

MLK Grade 3 Classrooms-TBD

In support of our BIzWorld Program, we kindly ask that all 2nd Grade classes attend our upcoming Bracelet Bazaar. Each class has approx. 4 Business teams who've been learning about the entrepreneurial cycle over the past weeks. We are culminating with this Bazaar to see who will make a profit from their unique bracelet business.

Here's How It Will Work!

Our students will be sending you their 'commercial' or advertisement to preview.

2nd Grade students will then receive 'BIZBUCKS' to spend at the Bazaar and choose as many bracelets for their money. They must spend all the BizBucks! It should be a fun event. 3rd Graders will be excited to see how many bracelets they can sell!