Bay Vista Bulletin

January 2020

Happy New Year!!!! - Only One Meeting Credit Option in January

The new year is here, and I am excited to welcome our Jaguars back to school!!! I hope you had a wonderful winter break. It was a treat to spend some quality time with my family and allow myself to disconnect for a few weeks.

Please remember there is only ONE OPTION FOR MEETING CREDIT IN JANUARY. The January PTA General Membership Meeting will be on Monday, January 13th. The focus will be Testing and Curriculum and this is a mandatory meeting.

The meeting times are below:

  • Grades K, 1, & 2 meeting times will be from 5:30-6:30.
  • Grades 3, 4, & 5 meeting times will be from 7:00-8:00.

Please read the important dates listed in the newsletter concerning fundamental and magnet application periods. Families with fifth graders or incoming Kindergarten children will need to apply for their middle and elementary school during this period.

December was filled with a lot of wonderful events both in the classroom and out! A special thank you to Mrs. Boyce for putting on a successful chorus concert last month! I have only heard rave reviews. Congratulations!!!

Thank you to our PTA for hosting our Holiday Movie Night. Families had an amazing time watching Frozen and hanging out with friends. It was a fun night for all.

I am looking forward to a wonderful second semester!

Donna Hall


Parent Climate Survey

Below is the link to our annual Parent Climate Survey. We hope to get more than 50% of parent participation. The purpose of this survey is to find out your beliefs and opinions Bay Vista Fundamental. To take the survey, please click on the link below, read each question and choose the response that most closely matches your opinion. Please answer each item honestly. Your responses will be completely confidential.

Thank you for your participation and feedback!

Fundamental and Magnet Application Period

Application Period for District Application Programs

January 8 to January 17

Acceptance Period for District Application Programs

February 10 to February 21 at 5 p.m.

January's Commitment to Character Word is "self-motivation"

Self-Motivation - Working in a careful and consistent manner without giving up.

Below are some "DINNER DILEMMAS" that you may enjoy at your next family dinner. There is one for each week of the month. I hope that you will talk about the various dilemmas and decide how the character quality of the month relates to the situation presented. You can even take it a step further and decide how the character quality of the month (self-motivation) applies to each family member.

Dinner Dilemmas are designed to go home once a month with the students. Schools that send home a weekly newsletter could print one dilemma each week in its publication. During the week families are asked to discuss the dilemma. It is hoped that families will talk about the dilemma and decide how the character quality of the month relates to the situation presented. It is further hoped that families will discuss the dilemma of the week and decide how the character quality of the month applies to each family member.

Week 1

Situation: During a bike race, Sue has a minor accident.

Dilemma: On one hand Sue could quit the race. On the other hand, she could motivate herself to get up and finish the race.

Discussion: What is your advice to Sue?

Week 2

Situation: Sam’s mother had to leave early for work. She told him to set his alarm clock. When the alarm goes off Sam is really tired, he knows he is not prepared for a test in his science class today.

Dilemma: On one hand Sam could roll over and go back to sleep. On the other hand, Sam could motivate himself to get up and go to school and do the best he can on the test.

Discussion: What is your advice for Sam?

Week 3

Situation: Sam enjoys playing the violin. His instructor told him if he practiced more he could probably make “first chair.” None of Sam’s friends play a musical instrument. They want Sam to hang out with them after school.

Dilemma: On one hand Sam wants to hang out with his friends. On the other hand, Sam wants to improve his musical skills and become a better violinist.

Discussion: What is your advice for Sam?

Week 4

Situation: Sue wants to enter the Commitment to Character essay contest. However, being shy, she is concerned that if she wins she will have to read the essay in the school assembly.

Dilemma: On one hand Sue knows she is a good writer and has a first-rate character message to share. On the other hand, she is afraid about reading in front of the whole school.

Discussion: What advice do you have for Sue?

First Grade Frolics in January

First grade will begin Cycle 2 running records this month, please make sure to cheer on your reader! In ELA, we are starting Module D learning how to be a good citizen at school, home and in our community! We will also learn all about U.S. Symbols and Monuments. We will write opinion pieces to talk about our favorites! In Math, we are continuing to learn factors of ten so we can use 10 to add and subtract numbers up to 20 more easily. We have been tucking in time and money along the way! In Science, we will be talking about all things physical - push and pull, changing motion, and physical properties.

Second Grade is Sailing into Semester Two

Dear Second Grade Families,

Happy New Year to you all as be begin the second half of second grade! Here are some upcoming things for the month of January that you will find helpful and informative.

Curriculum Update:

ELA – In Reading we will be exploring Traditional Tales – such as fairytales, folktales, and fables. We will be comparing and contrasting these stories from different authors and cultures. Our students have always loved this study in past years. They find it very informative and engaging. It is a wonderful way to start the New Year. In Writing we will continue to work on Opinion Writing in the form of opinion letters based on stories we are reading during our course of study of Traditional Tales.

Math – We will be studying and increasing our knowledge about reading and writing three-digit numbers. Our content objectives are: identifying the place value of each three-digit number; modeling three digit numbers; and interpreting a model to write the number value.

Science – We completed the first of our three major units, Earth Science. We have now begun the next major unit, Physical Science. Our first unit of study is Magnets. This is also a very fun unit of study as we play with lots of magnets to understand how they can move things without touching them.

Field Trip – We have a field trip to Mahaffey Theater on Tuesday, January 21st. We will be watching the play based on the book, The One and Only Ivan. This book was the 2013 Newbery Medal winner. It is a very touching story told from the point of view of Ivan a captive gorilla and a baby elephant named Ruby.

Curriculum Night Our only parent meeting opportunity for this month will be Curriculum Night, Monday, January 13th. You will meet with your child’s teacher in their classroom. We will be discussing our new Math Curriculum from Ready Classroom. We will also be sharing how to access this through Clever and all the information that is available to help you and your child. We always look forward to seeing our families on this night as we meet together. We will be meeting from 5:30-6:30. Please mark your calendars.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, The Second Grade Teachers

Thoughts from the Third Grade Team

In Math, third graders are now working on area. They learned to count square units inside a shape to find area and next they will use multiplication to find area. Students will understand that multiplying side lengths of a rectangle provides the same result as tiling and counting square units.

In ELA, third graders are moving back to non-fiction. They will be learning more about main idea, text structure, recounting events and sequencing. They will continue to work on opinion writing. They will be using non-fiction articles in which they choose a side to argue and write a multi-paragraph essay.

In Science, third graders will be investigating how solids differ in mass, volume, and temperature. We will learn how to use scientific tools as we participate in hands-on activities. By the end of this of this unit students will be able to understand the difference between mass and volume, and be able to compare objects according to properties such as size, shape, color, texture and hardness

Greetings from the Fourth Grade Team

Fourth grade has a busy January planned.

Math: In math we will be learning about Geometry and Measurement. We will also be continuing our basic multiplication and division facts tests. This month we will also start a spiral review of 1st semester math standards.

Science: We will continue our Physical Science unit this month. We will finish our Air and Water Movement lessons this month. We will learn about Objects in Motion and Energy on the Move. We will also participate in a another Physical Science Lab in January.

ELA: Unit 1 reading will be focused on reading and annotating texts from text sets that will be used in writing for opinion and informative/explanatory essays. Students will be practicing strategies that will help them to better understand the texts in reading, in order to integrate information from multiple sources. Students will also rely on a repertoire of strategies they have learned as readers. Unit 1 writing will be focused on writing an opinion and an informative/explanatory essay as they integrate information from multiple sources. They will use a third text set to bring to a plan for an essay. Students will be relying on a repertoire of strategies that they have learned to write strong plans and essays.

January Dates to Remember

  • 1/7 Welcome back students
  • 1/10 Student Jaguar Jamboree
  • 1/13 Mandatory Parent Meeting - Curriculum / Testing Night
  • 1/20 No School in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • 1/21 Report Cards Go Home
  • 1/21 Second Grade Field Trip - Mahaffey Theater
  • 1/22 Third Grade Field Trip - Boyd Hill (some classes)
  • 1/23 Third Grade Field Trip - Boyd Hill (some classes)
  • 1/23 Fifth Grade Quest to MOSI
  • 1/29 Teacher of the Year Ceremony at Mahaffey to honor Mrs. Flint and Mrs. Michalik
  • 1/31 Student of the Month Breakfast
  • 1/31 Third Grade and Fourth Grade Quest to MOSI

No Name-Calling Week January 21-24

“Words Do Hurt - Name-Calling Isn't A Joke Think Before You Speak!” ~unknown

We will join in celebrating the national No Name-Calling Week. Below is the list of days we will dress-up to do our part to support equality for all students!

Monday, 1/20: NO SCHOOL—Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday

Tuesday, 1/21: "Team Up Against Teasing" ---students and staff are encouraged to wear their favorite team colors or jersey.

Wednesday, 1/22: "It's no "sweat" to be a friend to someone." Students and staff are invited to wear appropriate sweats/athletic gear.

Thursday, 1/23: "Mix it up Day"- Students and staff are encouraged to wear mismatched clothing.

Friday, 1/24: "School Pride Day"- Students and staff are invited to wear school colors or clothing.