MSD Preschool Program

Next Steps as we Prepare for September

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MSD Coronavirus Update Center

NEW! School reopening website hub. We have synthesized information from our previous updates into a central hub for school reopening--MSD Forward: Reopening Our Schools--and have included additional details from the District’s official reopening plan. Please check these web pages regularly; new or revised information will be marked accordingly for easy reference. Once our official reopening plan is ready for submission to the County Superintendent, it will be posted on the MSD Forward homepage.

Preschool Transportation and Hybrid Model Survey: Important Action Needed

We are requesting each family complete the Preschool Transportation and Hybrid Model Survey. As we finalize our plan, your input continues to be crucial to us. Therefore, we kindly ask you to complete this survey which includes questions that are critical to us in planning transportation, in-person, and virtual instruction as well as other important aspects of our program.

***Please complete a separate survey for each student enrolled in the preschool program, no later than August 17, 2020. Thank you!***

Health Records

It is vital that you submit the required health documents needed to complete your preschool registration. Please submit the needed documentation to the following school nurse. The 2020 immunizations for children can be viewed here.

LLC and AV: Sharon McDonald

Hillcrest: Carolyn Eriksen

ALL other sites: Deborah Korczukowski

Face Coverings, Including Masks, Help to Reduce the Spread of Coronavirus

Students and staff are required to wear a face-covering or mask at all times in our school buildings and on school buses. If a student forgets their face covering, a disposable mask will be provided. Students will take "mask breaks" outdoors in a safe and controlled manner at coordinated times during the school day. Please find reusable/washable face masks that your child is comfortable wearing and gradually build up the amount of time they can tolerate wearing them.

Preschool Special Education Parent Meeting

Danae Heywood, our Preschool through 5th Grade Supervisor of Special Education hosted a parent workshop on Friday, August 7th explaining how students would receive special education services in a general education classroom. Check out the recording here.

Transition Back to School Resources

Please check out the great resources our CPIS, Carolina Mendonca created for helping children transition back to school. Here you will view lots of recorded stories that you can read with your child on wearing masks, distance learning, and social distancing.

Google Email

Communication is key and it will be crucial during the upcoming school year. We urge you to have a Google-based email (Gmail) and that you keep your contact information current. You can create one by visiting and clicking "Create Account." A Google-based email will help streamline our communications whether it is coming from the school or from your teacher for virtual learning. Again, please ensure that your contact information is current with your school.

NJ Department of Education FAQ

The NJ Department of Education released frequently asked questions and answers on the reopening of schools.

Morris School District Preschool Program

Visit our webpage for more information on the Morris School District Preschool Preschool. Here you will see is a list of our MSD contacts, our preschool locations, and other helpful links.