The 8 Aspects of Religion

Experience God's Journey

What's the purpose?

The purpose of Religion is to help you understand things, help guide you on life's journey, gives purpose to life and is something to turn to in times of need.


Beliefs, something that you believe and focus on. Your beliefs are different to others, depending on your religion and experiences. You don't have to believe in everything that someone else believes in, its your choices and your beliefs.

Hinduism and Buddism are two different religions, and two different beliefs. They have different gods, beliefs, festivals, life and rituals.


A symbol is a picture that represents something or stands for something.


Rituals are long traditions that are carried from generations.

Sacred Texts

Scared texts are holy writings that people believe in depending on their religion.

Myths and Other Stories

Myths and other stories are told to one an other, that may or may not be true. Different people believe in different myths and stories

Social Structures

A Social Structure is a hierarchy, a ladder in job terms.

Ethics (Code of Behavior)

Ethics is a code of behavior that includes rules or a list of proper behavior. This is used every like in sports or clubs.

Religious Experience and Spirituality

Religious Experiences and Spirituality is a wonder and awe moment.