The Super Southeast

By: Ava, Alexa and Aiste!

Welcome to the super Southeast!

Welcome to the Southeast! Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas is the only diamond field in the world where you can prospect for and keep any diamonds you find. Our first stop is Roanoke Island in North Carolina. Then it's off to the Appalachian Mountains that go through most of the southeast region. After that, the Mississippi Delta and Canyon Falls. Next, we are going to a show at the Grand Ole Opry. A little while after we can go to the Kentucky Derby.

Roanoke Island -Landform

The Roanoke Island has a festival at a park and the festival is called the Mantle. On the Roanoke Island there is a museum called the Maritime. Ellinor and Ananis were born on Roanoke, they were the first English people born in the Southeast/New England. The first Europeans and African Americans lived on the Roanoke Island.

Appalachian Mountains -Landform

The Appalachian Mountains are not very tall they are only 2,000-3,000 feet because they are very old and worn out. When they were young, the Appalachian Mountains had a lot of snow on top of them. That was over about 250 million years ago! East of the Appalachian Mountains are Tennessee. The Appalachian Mountains are mostly in Georgia.

Mississippi Delta -Waterway

About 400 million tons of mud are carried to the Mississippi Delta, from farmlands 2,000 miles away every year. Also, shipping still happens through the Mississippi Delta. Once you get to the Mississippi Delta there are wetlands. The wetlands have alligators, birds, shrimp, craw fish, and many other kinds of fish. if you go into the water you would sink and get stuck. The Mississippi Delta runs through the middle of Mexico. In the marshes, there are alligators who are getting ready to eat the birds that are swimming above them on the water.

Canyon Falls -Waterway

Canyon Falls is in Tennessee and it is really tall. It’s 256 feet of spraying water. It’s Tennessee's most majestic waterfall. The best time to view Canyon Falls is during the spring. A lot of people have adventures at Canyon Falls. A lot of people go there to see the view.

Grand Ole Opry -Landmark

The Grand Ole Opry is in Nashville, Tennessee and it is a concert hall. The Grand Ole Opry is where a lot of famous country singers perform their songs, like Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Carrie Underwood and Travis Tritt. Also, the Grand Ole Opry is longest continually-running live radio program. It has been broadcasted since 1925.

Statue of Thomas Jefferson -Historical Site

The Statue of Thomas Jefferson is in Virginia. A lot of presidents were born in Virginia including Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was raised in Virginia. Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743. He went to a college called William and Mary.


The climate in the Southeast is a humid subtropical climate and the summers there are long and hot. The winters there are cool and mild and the air in the southeast is wet and humid. Precipitation is usually rain and dangerous hurricanes come in from the water and it can cause a lot of damage. The average precipitation is in Louisiana 60.1 inches. In West Virginia’s it is 45.2.

States and Capital Cities

Montgomery, Alabama

Little Rock, Arkansas

Tallahassee, Florida

Atlanta, Georgia

Frankfort, Kentucky

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Jackson, Mississippi

Raleigh, North Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina

Nashville, Tennessee

Richmond, Virginia

Charleston, West Virginia

Coal -Natural Resource

In 4 out of 12 Southeast states, miners dig for coal. The states that people mine in are, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. The South cumberland has a lot of Coal, they have a whole area. In 1933 the Stearns Coal and lumber company donated nearly 12,000 pounds of coal to the state Tennessee.

Mining -Important Industry

Miners mine in four of the Southeast states. Those four states are Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The biggest states for mining in the Southeast are West Virginia and Kentucky. In the South cumberland there is a lot of mining, and there is a whole entire area for the South cumberland.

Kentucky Derby -Culture

Did you know that the Kentucky Derby first opened in 1875? About 20 horses compete in the 1.25 miles (2 kilometer) Kentucky Derby Race. The Kentucky Derby is held every May. The Race is held at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Beach -Culture

Fun in the sun takes many forms on Florida’s Marco Island and other resorts that line the Gulf of Mexico. Each year Florida receives about 45 million visitors drawn by the warm temperatures, sunny skies and sandy beaches. Florida’s beaches protect the seagulls because they are having babies. Gulf fishermen add to the harvest with huge catches of shrimp and oysters. Florida's beaches are really popular vacation spots.


Hope you have fun in the Super Southeast! Make sure you go to Florida's sunny beaches and awesome water parks. Another good place to visit is the Okefenokee swamp, where whole islands covered in bushes and vines float around. Thanks for listening!