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March Madness!

This is going to be our BEST month on record! There is so much excitement over our March incentives! March madness rewards for your sales, Hostess rewards with our friendship bracelets, plus still tracking towards Glam Getaway! Its a lot to take in, but the rewards are great!

Weekly Focus

1. Attend a Bootcamp near YOU!

One thing I have learned after being in this business for 3 years is that we can not do this alone! Its important to have a community of stylists to depend on for inspiration, encouragement, and ideas! If you have not gone to a Bootcamp, I strongly encourage you to attend one in your area. Kirby Shockley attended one this weekend. She says, "I went to the San Diego area Stylist Boot Camp today and it was inspiring! So glad I went! I gained so many insights, learned a lot from the faux trunk show, and meet some other local stylist! Great day! So glad my sponsor talked me in to going!"

Click here to find a Bootcamp near you! OR

2. Join Danielle's Booking Bonanza

This week's call focuses on "Booking Through Follow-Up" Join this call and post your key take-aways on our Facebook Page and YOU could win! (See last week's winner below...)

Booking through Follow Up with Danielle Wednesday March 6th

3. 555 Challenge

Get you month off to a roaring start with our 555 Challenge! Sell $500 by the 5th of March for a $5 Starbucks gift-card from me!

4. Drive Guest Attendance at your Trunk Show

It doesnt do any good to book that show if you can't get people there to shop! Here is a call that is recorded that I did on my Invitation System. Feel free to listen and post questions on our Facebook page so that we can all discuss and share. Call recording here Access code 1041536

5. Path to Leadership

We are starting a Path to Leadership program on Tuesday for all stylists and Lead Stylists looking to promote to Sr. Stylist. It will be a 4 week program with calls led by some of our Directors and Regional Sales Director, Meredith Moore. This is open to anyone that would like to take the next step and promote to Sr. Stylist. Here is the quick survey for you to complete if you want to participate and also the link to the FB group to be added. We will do the majority of communication on this FB group page.


Tuesday (March 5, 12, 19, 26) at 5pm CT/ 6pm ET

Conference Call #800-747-5150 Code: 8433850

We are Dazzled by....

Top in Sales for FEBRUARY!

Congrats to everyone for their hard work in February! These ladies were top in sales for our team and also earned month two of the consistency bonus! ($100 jewelry credit for being qualified Jan, Feb, and Mar)

Susan Carruth $4,702.00

Hannah Hendley $3,095.00

Amanda Shaw $2,688.00

Carolyn Barnes $2,618.00

Kelly Edwards $1,917.00

Vanessa Slagle $1,812.00

Lisa Varshine $1,769.00

Evonne Hoback $1,368.00

Kim Renz $1,088.00

Paige Fulford $1,073.00

Anna Sample $1,002.00

Sherry Sawicki $855.00

Whitney Metts $832.00

Brittany Faircloth $772.00

Alison Pasqua $698.00

Kirby Shockley $694.00


India Cox $608.00

kerstin suess $594.00

Samantha Boone $588.00

Brianne Yontz $554.00

Candace Pitman $550.00

Victoria Kennedy $546.00