Fire ants

Giving you all the info you need to kill these pest.

Background Information

These ants are insects that are in a family of insets that have jaws that pinch and bite. They origianlly come from South American and landed in Moblie, Abalabma 80 years ago. They have spread as far as China and Austraila. The reason that these ants are such a hassle is because they can hurt people farming equiment and livestock.

How to kill these ants

There are multiple ways to kill these animals, but two of the simplest ways is the bucket method and hot water method. The bucket method is to dig the ant mound up and put it in a large bucket. You want to dig it up when most of the ants are in the mound, but tuck your pants in your socks so you don't get bit. After that you can drown them with lots of water. The hot water method is to boil water and then pour it out on to the mound. This will most likely kill grass and plants.

Why are these insects bad to the enviroment

These ants are bad to the enviroment because they can kill livestock and plants. Also they can hurt people.