Harper Lee

By:Leslie valdez💜


Nelle Harper Lee born April 28,1926 and died February 19 2016, but is mostly known as Harper lee at this time she past away she was 89years old.she was a novelist she did fiction,literature, she was known for the book " to kill a mockingbird ".witch was published in July 11,1960 with 281 pages it was a immediately successful, winning the Pulitzer Prize.

Harper Lee was raised in Monrooeville,Alabama. Another novel that she did was "go set a watchman". Witch was published recently on July 14,2015 with 278 pages. Her father was a lawyer, owned part of the local news paper. For most of the Harper Lee's life her mother had suffered from mental illness,with her rarely leaving the house. It is believed that she had bipolar disorder.


connection to the present day!!!

Maya Angelou is a great example of harper lee thet had both been book writers and had both been amrican poets and late in the 1960 maya had 1 kid meanwhile harper lee was frew but not quite yet she had always been writing book she enjoyed them too alos did maya.maya had died in the year 2014 whitch from notlw is not much of a distance. And harper lee had died 2016 at 89 years old Maya Angelou past at 86 not far apart


"Its better to be silent then to be a fool".

"People in there right minds never take pride. In there talents".

"People generally hear what they listen for and see what they look for ".

"Remember its a sin to kill a mockingbird".

"Things are never as bad as they seem".

-Harper Lee

Five fun fact!!!

1.Haprer Lee only had 1 book published

2.her childhood friend was Truman Capote who some say was her inspiration of the book "to kill a mockingbird "

3.In November 5,2007 she received the presidential metal of freedom from president George W.Bush

4.she wins the pulitzer prize for fiction for "to kill a mockingbird ".

5.each year to kill a mockingbird"sells approximately one millon copies.