Cougar PRIDE -Updated!

A monthly update for Clifton Families - MAY 2021

Key Dates:

May 3-7: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 6: 8th Grade Science STAAR / 6th and 7th grade online Reading and Math Boot Camp

May 7: 8th Grade Social Studies STAAR / 6th and 7th online Reading and Math Boot Camp


May 11: Math STAAR All grades (all students testing on paper ONLY)

May 12: Reading STAAR All grades (all students testing on paper ONLY)

May 13: 6th Gr Reading STAAR Online test

May 17: 7th Gr Reading STAAR Online test

May 18: 8th Gr Reading STAAR Online test

May 18: Coffee with the Principal

May 19: 6th Gr Math STAAR Online test

May 20: 7th/8th Gr Math STAAR Online test

May 28: District-wide asynchronous Instruction (Teacher Professional Development)

STAAR Information

There are so many dates and it can get confusing!

The most important thing to understand is that ALL STAAR TESTING IS ON CAMPUS! No one tests from home!

We will still be checking temperatures in the morning and will keep social distance.

Because we are trying to follow all COVID protocols, our schedule is set up so that we don't have all students on campus on any day - most of the schedule is based on whether the student is taking the paper or online test.

Students may stay at school until dismissal or you may pick them up after the test, this is your choice.

Students may dress comfortably and bring snacks (but we will feed everyone, of course!)

Updated STAAR Dates Chart

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School Updates

Thank you for trusting us with your children! Here is what is going on at Clifton:

6th and 7th Grade Online Reading and Math Boot Camp May 6 and 7: While 6th and 7th grade students are staying at home while 8th grade takes their science and social studies tests, teachers will be leading a Virtual Boot Camp to help review important concepts before they test the following week. Please encourage your child to be fully engaged!

8th grade Social Studies Review - May 6 - After 8th grade takes their science test, social studies teacher will have a fun review to give our students one last "push" as they prepare to take their social studies test the next day! You may choose to pick up your child after testing... but they'll miss out!

Special Math and English Tutors: In order to better support our students, we have hired tutors that work with our math and English Teachers as co-teachers and may conduct small group instruction to both our virtual and face to face students!

Academic Calls home: We will make the calls every week to all students failing 2 or more classes as of that day.

Attendance Calls Home: We make daily calls at the beginning of the day if a student is marked absent. We want to make sure everything is ok and that we are providing any support needed!

PTO/VIPS: If you are interested in joining the PTO or volunteering at Clifton - reach out to Ms. Harnsberry Johnson at or Ms. Saaka at

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We are a Verizon School!

Starting next school year, Clifton will be part of a national program designed to elevate instruction, provide opportunities, and equip students with educational technology! Teachers and students will be distributed NEW Chromebooks with built-in internet so they can always be connected. Teachers will receive training on innovative ways to incorporate technology and prepare our students for the future! Great things are coming!!
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Important Reminder

We need everyone to ALWAYS follow our safety procedures.

  • wear a mask at all times (properly covering nose and mouth)
  • maintain a distance of 6 feet whenever possible (and it's practically ALWAYS possible)
  • limit amount of time you are in close proximity with anyone on campus

If your child, or anyone at your home, has any Covid-like symptoms - PLEASE STAY HOME! Students may participate in virtual school and not be marked absent.

PRIDE: Caught Being Awesome-

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