It's Been a 'Fair' Week!

The Rowan County Fair

This Week we visited the Rowan County Fair!

we Rode the Merry-Go-Round,

the dizzy dragons,

a Giant Swing,

and Jalopy Junction!

We Also fed and pet some animals,

saw a pig and goat race,

and saw a magic show!

Thanks to all the parents for joining us at the fair! You were a great help and we had a wonderful time!

Other happenings...

Parent Portal

Your child's grades are on Parent Portal! We will be sending home access codes for you to view your child's grades ASAP!

Extra Clothes!

We need extra clothes for your child! We understand that your child may not have bathroom accidents, but they may spill food, or fall down in some mud, or who knows. Accidents happen! We don't want your child to have to be uncomfortable at school if something messes up their clothes. Please send them a change of clothes! The change of clothes does not have to by uniform clothes if you cannot spare an extra set.

Jackets and Hoodies

The cooler weather is coming! If your child is wearing a jacket or hoodie that he/she would like to keep on all day, please make sure that it is grade level colored (red for 6th graders, blue for 7th graders and green for 8th graders) and solid. If it does not meet these requirements, your child will have to put it in his/her locker until dismissal.

Our classrooms are also cool right now, so many of the students are getting cold in class.

Working hard on our iPads...

School Uniform Policy

We have had students out of uniform the past couple weeks.

Students should be wearing black, navy or khaki pants or shorts. Girls may wear skirts, but please make sure they are an appropriate length.

6th graders should wear red polo shirts.
7th graders should wear royal blue polo shirts.
8th graders should wear Kelly green polo shirts.

Shirts are available in the office if you need them.

More information can be found here.

Cafeteria Extras

Our Cafeteria offers chips, cookies and ice cream each day! These items are extras that your child may want. If you would like your child to have any of these extras, please send money with them for these items.
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Homework Tips to Help Your Child Succeed

1. Ask your child about his/her homework each week/day.
2. Help your child complete his/her homework (or ask his/ her caretaker to help him/her)
3. Check your child's work and help make corrections.

Please do not allow siblings or anyone else to do your child's work for them. This is a reinforcement tool to ensure his/her learning. If the work is not completed by your child, we will not know what he/she is struggling with and will not be able to help.


Your child may already be going through puberty or will be soon. Please have a conversation with them about the changes they will experience so that they are not surprised to see hair growing in funny places and squeaky voices.

Some resources to help you get the conversation started:
How to Discuss Puberty with Your Child
Brave Kids
The Birds & The Bees & The Special Needs

Fun Times in the Classroom!

These are just some shots of the kids we thought we'd share! Have a great weekend and stay dry! See you all Monday!