Weekly Update

April 6-10, 2020

Transition to Remote Learning

Parents and students. Thank you for your patience. This week, April 6-10, students will have the chance to review coursework from trimester 2 and PRACTICE interacting with teachers remotely. The optional activities and lessons this week are simply practice as students, teachers and parents all learn to navigate distance learning. It’s important for you to know that this week’s supplemental practice work will not affect a student's trimester 2 grade negatively. It may, however, help a student’s grade if missing work from trimester 2 is submitted. Please check with your teachers to determine what, if any work can still be turned in for trimester 2. All trimester 2 makeup work should be completed and submitted per your teacher’s guidelines.

On April 13th, all Redmond middle and high schools will be transitioning to trimester 3 courses. By the afternoon of Wednesday, April 8th, you will be able to access trimester 3 schedules through your studentVUE or parentVUE account. Please check the trimester 3 schedules so you know which classes to access starting on Monday the 13th. In an effort to support all families and students, some of whom are still working to get devices connected at home, the first week of trimester 3 will be focused on engaging in getting to know the content, collaborative learning and course expectations. Initial graded assignments will not be expected the first week.


Padres y alumnos. Gracias por su paciencia. Esta semana, del 6 al 10 de abril, los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de revisar los cursos del trimestre 2 y PRACTICAR interactuando con los maestros de forma remota. Las actividades y lecciones opcionales de esta semana son simplemente prácticas, ya que los estudiantes, los maestros y los padres aprenden a navegar el aprendizaje a distancia. Es importante que sepa que el trabajo de práctica complementario de esta semana no afectará negativamente la calificación del término 2 de un estudiante. Sin embargo, puede ayudar a la calificación de un estudiante si se presenta el trabajo perdido del término 2. Consulte con sus maestros para determinar qué, si todavía se puede entregar algún trabajo para el término 2. Todos los trabajos de recuperación del término 2 deben completarse y enviarse según las instrucciones del maestro.

El 13 de abril, todas las escuelas intermedias y secundarias de Redmond realizarán la transición a los cursos trimestrales 3. Más adelante esta semana, nos comunicaremos con usted para comunicarle el horario de cursos del tercer trimestre de su hijo. En un esfuerzo por apoyar a todas las familias y estudiantes, algunos de los cuales todavía están trabajando para conectar dispositivos en el hogar, la primera semana del tercer trimestre se centrará en conocer el contenido, el aprendizaje colaborativo y las expectativas del curso.

Nosotros apreciamos su paciencia.

Accessing a Chromebook or Internet Access for your Student

By now you should have received an email from your student's teacher asking if your student needs a chromebook or internet access in order to participate in online learning.

If you have not received an email and would like to request a chromebook or internet access please send an email request to troy.capps@redmondschools.org

This email goes directly to our IT department and they will reach out to you about a student issued chromebook and the device agreement policies. They can also answer questions about how to help connect your family with internet access if needed.

Trimester 2 Grading

When school closed on March 13th we were a week away from the end of the trimester. As we have learned that our school closure will last longer than originally expected we have had to create an alternate plan for ending trimester two.

Trimester two will end on Friday April 10th. No additional assignments or final exams for trimester two will be given. Many teachers had communicated their final day to accept any work for trimester 2 as Friday March 13th. If you are unsure if your student's teacher will accept any late assignments to help improve their grade, please contact your student's teacher directly.

Trimester 2 grades will be finalized and posted on April 30th to view as a report card in ParentVue.

Trimester 3 Begins on Monday April 13th

On Monday April 13th we start trimester 3. Students will need to access learning plans from their trimester three teachers. Students can now access their trimester three schedule in StudentVue or ParentVue. If you have questions regarding your students schedule please reach out to your students counselor.

Counselor for Students with Last Name A-K - Peter Hower, peter.hower@redmondschools.org

Counselor for Students with Last Name L-Z - Elizabeth Platt, elizabeth.platt@redmondschools.org

Teacher Office Hours

Teachers have designated their office hours on their learning plans. Each teacher will hold 4 hours of office hours scheduled throughout the week. This is a time where teachers are immediately available to answer questions via email. Teachers and school staff will be checking their email throughout the day in addition to their office hours, but the response may be delayed.