Zebra Family Update!

March 2022

Positive Attendance Leads to Graduation and Opportunities!

We are paying a lot of attention to our attendance and grade data right now.

Our attendance data indicates that many more students are missing class this year than they did prior to COVID. School attendance is critical now more than ever, particularly as we look to regain the loses sustained as a result of COVID. On average, our absence rate is about 5.6% higher than in 2019-20 and 4.25% higher than in 2018-19. This equates to 68-90 more students who are absent each day than we typically see. Some increase in absences makes sense - as students have been out ill (particularly in January and February) or on quarantine this year and we know that may be unique to COVID.

Absences are particularly worrisome because our D & F rates in classes rose from 11.86% in semester 1 of 19/20 to 20.92% in semester 1 of 20/21 and they fell every so slightly in in semester 1 of 21/22 to 20.31%. But it's too much...passing classes is ESSENTIAL for students to be able to graduate!

These metrics are connected. One key factor to improving grades is improving attendance and engagement/participation in the classroom. Attendance at school is REALLY important. Students who are chronically absent (have 2 or more absences a month) tend to be 7.4 times more likely to drop out of high school. Students who are chronically absent in high school have an 11% chance of receiving any degree post high school. That information is based on research on attendance from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP/the Nation's Report Card) that was completed in high schools across the nation.

Often we hear from students that they are anxious about going to class because they don't know what to do, and that is a real fear. But the solution is three parts 1. to contact your teacher/counselor/AP to get supports for that anxiety 2. to access resources (your teacher, tutoring, etc...) to help with getting caught up, and 3. attend class consistently. Continuing to skip class further perpetuates the problem of feeling behind or anxious.

Each day you receive notification if your child has an unexcused absence. You can also look at your child's absence data in PowerSchool. Talk with your student about their attendance, particularly if they are regularly tardy to class or have absences/cuts. Help them see that their attendance has a direct impact on their educational and financial earning opportunities. Grade data is available in Schoology for you and your student to monitor regularly. Encourage your student to make every day count.

Let your counselor or Assistant Principal know if you need help to get your student to school or if need support with academic success. It is the parent's legal obligation to get a student to school, but we are here to help and support you and your student!

Big picture

WASC Accreditation Visit

In the first week of April, we'll be welcoming a team of 6 educators to our campus to review our policies, procedures, and practices in our classrooms and across campus. They'll give us feedback on what we are doing well and areas where we have opportunity for growth. They'll give us a report of "to dos" and conditions that allow us to maintain our accreditation so our diplomas are recognized as valid. Thank you to all the families who have offered input into our WASC accreditation process so far!

Mark your Calendars!

Please make note of these uniquely scheduled days:

  • Friday, 3/18 - a non school day - just because we'll need it!
  • Friday, 4/8-Monday, 4/18 - Spring Break (no staff or students; office is closed); if needed, the district might us 4/8 or 4/18 to make up instructional minutes, but we haven't heard yet!
  • Monday, 5/30 - Memorial Day (no staff or students; office is closed)
  • Tuesday, 6/7-Friday, 6/10 - finals week
  • Friday, 6/10 - last day of school and Class of 2022 Graduation!

You can check out the 22/23 school calendar here for advance planning!

Visit our calendar on our website (lhs.wpusd.org) for details on other activities, athletics and event details!

What's happening around campus?

Aside from learning and daily activities, here are some highlights for the month of March:

  • ELPAC testing for our English Language Learners
  • March 17th is the end of the 3rd Quarter - check in on those grades!
  • Athletics - our girls Basketball team is completing in the NorCal State Division III bracket! Plus we have track and field, baseball, softball, swim, stunt and boys volleyball in full swing!
  • Several big student conferences/events - including Cadet Corp Xtreme Challenge and FFA State Conference
  • Spring Dance (tentatively on 3/31)

Class of 2022 - Senior Class Updates!


  • It's time to order Caps and Gowns! Families can review information about caps, gowns, rings, and more here. Orders can be placed 24/7 here.

  • It is our plan to host a Spring Prom for our juniors and seniors. It will be held on Saturday, 5/7 in Sacramento. Stay tuned for the details!

  • A dedicated team of Zebra Parents is going full steam ahead on organizing a 2022 Sober Grad Night for our seniors on the evening of graduation - this is 100% a parent run activity, so if you are interested in helping, please contact the Sober Grad Night Committee via Facebook!

  • We will be hosting Graduation at 8 pm on Friday, June 10th. More details will come out in the upcoming months regarding times, ticket availability and graduation details.


We strongly encourage students and families to keep an eye on the Schoology Activity Feed (on Schoology Main Page) and the College & Career Schoology Page for information about college & career visits (in person and virtual); access it via: Schoology > Groups > College & Career


Our College and Career team is organizing a career fair on March 30th.

Class of 2023, 2024, and 2025 - It's Time to Pick Classes for 22/23!!

We are wrapping up course selection - incoming frosh, current frosh and sophomores have selected classes and current juniors will identify courses this month.

A reminder that if your student is interested in AVID as an elective for the 22/23 school year, have them check in with Mr. Medeiros, Mr. Palafox or Mrs. Krugle for more information!

Learn more about our class offerings by checking out recent episodes of LHS Live - check them out here and watch the episodes in January and February for insight into our programs and electives!


Completed - Current Frosh (class of 2025)

  • Course selection presentations: Feb 9th and 10th in English Class (in classroom)
  • Select classes: Feb 15th and 16th in English Class (in library)

Completed - Current Sophomores (class of 2024)

  • Course selection presentations: Feb 23rd and 24th in English Class (in classroom)
  • Select classes: Mar 1st and 2nd in English Class (in library)

Coming Up - Current Juniors (class of 2023)

  • Course selection presentations: Mar 9th and 10th in English Class (in classroom)
  • Select classes: Mar 14th-17th in English Class (in library)

Catching up with Absent Students

  • March 21st -25th - counselors will loop back with any students who missed class during on their course selection to get classes selected.

Class of 2026 - Welcome to LHS!

If you have an incoming Freshman, we are excited to welcome you to the Zebra Family! Three things to do now:

1. if you missed our incoming student course selection night on 2/1, please reach out to our counseling office - call Mrs. Emerson at 916 645 6360 to make an appointment with your student's counselor

2. check out LHS Live (our school's video production program) each week to get a taste of what LHS has in store for you! You can check them out on YouTube here!

3. follow LHS on Facebook and Instagram. We also have lots of other clubs with IG handles...learn more about what LHS has to offer by following us on social media!

  • Facebook @LincolnHighSchoolWPUSD
  • Insta @lhsfightingzebras

College & Career Corner

Stay tuned for details about our Career Fair - coming to LHS on March 30th. We'll have companies who have set up booths for students to visit, as well as panels where student can learn how to set themselves up for success in achieving their career goals!

Be sure to visit Mrs. Vadgama with any questions you have about getting prepared for your college & career goals! Her office is between Mrs. Kent and Mrs. Alarcon's offices at the end of the 70s wing.

SBLT & ELAC Meetings

Our Site Based Leadership Team (SBLT) meeting will meet twice more this year to review our site plans and check in progress towards our supplemental spending plan:

  • Thurs., 3/10 at 5 pm - online and in person (google meet code is on our LHS calendar)
  • Thurs., 5/5 at 5 pm - online and in person (google meet code is on our LHS calendar)

Our site English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) is scheduled to meet twice more this year. Be watching for agenda topics of interest to our English Learner Student/Family community. Mark your calendars now:

  • Wed., 4/27 at 6 pm - format TBD

Vandalism at LHS

Generally, vandalism across campus has declined, but we find when we open multiple restrooms it kicks up. There are always restrooms open and available, though. Our girls restrooms are generally always all open; boys can find restrooms in the library, 30s wing and in the foyer of the gym. We attempted to open another facility over the last two weeks and it was damaged daily. We'll continue to reopen facilities as the conditions improve.

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  • School and Athletics Calendars are here!

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  • This directory contains some staff who are no longer at LHS, but it also includes all of our current staff

Specific Course Information

  • All of our teachers posted information about their class on Schoology - parents and students can always go back to revisit syllabi and a video introducing your teacher on their Schoology pages: https://wpusd.schoology.com/ > Courses > Select tile for the class you want to learn more about!

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