Sam Sengkhammee

All About Sam!!

Sams most extreme fear is the swimming.

Sams Favorite sweatshirt is a Tony Hawk sweatshirt the color is Navy Blue, he likes it because its comfy.

In 20 years Sam sees him self being an engineer.

Sam likes rap music his favorite singer is Eminem his favorite song is Me Myself and I.

Sam likes mystery books and James Dashner is his favorite author.

If Sam could be anything for one day he would be a panther because there cool.

If sam could help anyone he would help homeless people by giving them food.

If Sam had three wishes they would be 1, to have unlimited money 2, to have a teleporter 3, to have a time machine.

If Sam could do anything for one day he would hang out with his friends.

Sams favorite show is is tosh.0 because its funny and his favorite actor is Will Ferrell.

If Sam could travel any where he would go to south Carolina because its nice there.

After Sam graduates he wants to live in WI because he's used to the weather.

Sams favorite place to eat is the china buffet because they have good food.

If Sam could meet anyone it would be Even/Vanoss he would say hello.