Bill to Law

The Lawmaking Process: by Reed Akers and Matt Santini

How to propose a bill:

A bill starts out as just a simple idea. But when the idea is written up and proposed to a senator, and he thinks its a good idea, it becomes a bill. The Senator then brings it the Senate, and a committee will debate it, and decide if the house of representatives should debate it further.

How Does a bill become a law?

A bill becomes a law when the appropriate committees decide the bill is worth taking a further look at. Eventually the bill will end up being voted on by the House of Representatives and the Senate. If they vote it to become a law, the last step is to get it signed by the president. If he chooses to sign it, then it is a law.

What if the President Veto's it?

The President can choose to veto the law, or not sign it, if he doesn't think it should become a law. But the Presidents veto can be overwritten, if the House of Representatives chooses to vote on it. If they get a two thirds vote, then an override of the veto has been accomplished. But this doesn't happen very happen.