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Georgia has a lot of different land forms. It's the largest state in the south and it also touches the Atlantic Ocean. There are many rivers, mountains and flat lands. Georgia touches five states and is also part of the Appalachian mountains. The soil is very rich and fertile. Many things can grow there including corn, fruit, tobacco, cotton and even the best peanuts. Georgia is a great place to visit. Atlanta is the capital and you could go anytime because the winters are warm. You can enjoy the many lakes, sand dunes, and see the many farms.


About two thousand years ago there were people called mound builders. Mound builders, built big mounds of dirt and stones. After they finish building the mounds, they hollowed them out, and bury the famous dead. They would also have religious ceremonies. Georgia has been through many wars, including the Revolutionary War in the 1780's. Many battles took place in Georgia in the Civil War. I'm glad Georgia is apart of the U.S.A.

Fun Facts

Did you know that Georgia grows the most peanuts then any other state. Also 3/4 of Georgia is covered in forest. It is the biggest state in the southeast. Today about 10 million people live in Georgia. These are some of the state's icons: Peach is the state food, fish is the large mouth bass, the bird is the brown thrasher, and the state flower is the Rosa Laevigata.


The Native Americans used to take a hand of another person and dance.
Now people can enjoy the many peaks in the Appalachian Mountains.
You could also visit Martin Luther King's house where he was born.
There are countless museums from the Prison of War to the Georgia State Railroad Museum.
If the arts don't interest you, you could stop by and watch an Atlantic Falcons home game!
Atlanta Georgia's Official Tourism Video