Mrs. Ifft's Friday Flier

Weekly News from Our Classroom

What We're Learning

Second graders are continuing to work hard in our classroom!

  • In math this week, we continued learning about place value for digits in the tens and ones place. We began word problems and are learning strategies to tackle lengthy word problems.
  • In reading we began to make inferences. Making an inference allows us to think deeper about a story to figure out information the author doesn't tell us. We use our prior knowledge and clues from the text to infer. We also began making predictions.
  • In science, we are learning about the forces of motion: push and pull

Help Your Child at Home

Math Practice Tip: We reviewed skip counting this week, commonly called "count bys". Second graders should be able to count by 2s, 5s, and 10s no matter which number is the start.

Practice orally with your child how to count by 10s if we start at 23. Can we count by 2s if we start at 34? Let's count by tens and start at 190.

Nightly Reading

I came across this article for parents about nightly reading homework. It's a great skim!

Treasure Box Donations

I have started a small class treasure box for students to "shop" in for good behavior and team competitions. It's stocked with items from the Target Dollar Spot (pencils, erasers, pencil caps, stickers, etc.) If you find yourself in the Dollar Spot, we'd love any $1 items to add to our treasure. Thanks in advance for thinking of our class!

*please no Pokemon, Disney or Lego items*

Updates from the PTA

Pledge Drive:

We are officially at the half way mark of Eastshore's Fall Pledge & Membership Drive. A huge thank you to the families and staff who have given a combined total of $15,370. Our goal is to raise $25,000 by September 30, which can be achieved with every family's support. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Don't forget to ask your employer about a matching donation. Please email any questions to

Welcome Back Dance:

A 50's Sock Hop this Friday, September 16th, from 6 to 8 pm at Eastshore. Costumes are optional. Join us for a fun evening of community building. Consider bringing a picnic dinner, and dessert can be purchased from Kona Ice. Got two left feet? No problem, because a local DJ will keep us entertained with music and games/activities. Also, bring your Ralph's Rewards Card. Scott Kopecky will be there to assist with re-registration.

Reflections Art Contest:

This year's theme is "What's your story?" There are 6 different categories including visual arts, literature, photography, film, music and dance. The deadline is October 7th. Visit the PTA website for more information!