Parents and Lovers

Parent's coping with their children and relationship.

Maggie Mollison

Maggie, is an expectant mother. She prioritises her time between her husband and two boys Thomas and Charlie. Maggie is responsible and always understands her children's perspectives. Having an autistic child is difficult, yet with her behaviour she perceives a carefree attitude. She is loving towards her children and her partner Simon Mollison. Charlie, her autistic son is very dependent on her and by the way she looks at him she also seems to love him very much. Maggie Mollison, is a hard worker and her perceived image is caring. She is just like any ordinary mother, having to care for her family and doing household duties such as laundry, cooking breakfast/dinner and cleaning the house. Maggie is a positive character and is the person who keeps the family together and functioning. Having such a unique family, Maggie has accepted the hardships of caring for Charlie. She has difficulty maintaining her own dietary needs and following doctor’s orders. Being pregnant for her is hard, due to her consistent worries about her family. During her pregnancy, Simon her husband supports her and continuously encourages her to rest.

Simon Mollison

Simon, is a hard working father. He does labor in the army, which causes him and his family to consistently move homes, to make it suitable for his career. The father is a person who follows orders and rules. Simon Mollison is less understanding compared to Maggie, yet he tries to get along with his boys. Although he has an autistic son he attempts to treat Charlie like a normal child and spoil him with game consoles. Simon has demonstrated an abnormal habit. During the beginning of the film The Black Balloon, the family moved into the new house. The first object he took out of his box was his favored teddy, Rex. He has transferred his sexual intentions onto this teddy. When his wife asks him questions such as if he would like to have sexual intercourse with her, he responds with a statement including ask Rex. The relationship between him and his teddy is very unusual, his teddy is apart of him. Because of this teddy, he becomes stubborn to his wife and does not co-operate with her intentions.

The Mollisons

Having a Mother and Father like Maggie and Simon Mollison would seem as a blessing. Together they cope well with difficult situations, and are understanding towards their children. Although their relationship is unique, they seem to appreciate one another as they do with Charlie and Thomas. Instead of thinking negative about Charlie's situation, they try to think positive about the outcomes and consider him as a blessing for their family. Having an autistic child strengthens their relationship as parents aswell as lovers. There are often disputes between the two, but to overcome the hard challenges that they must overcome they contemplate and aim to succeed in creating a happy family. Maggie and Simon are both successfully coping well with Charlie, but they are finding it difficult to communicate within their household. The Mollisons are mainly occupied with caring for Charlie instead of building their relationship as spouses. With an autistic child, adolescent child and a soon to be infant in the house they are unable to spend any leisured time for themselves. Not only does The Black Balloon focus on the protagonist's Charlie and Thomas but also the powerful relationship between the two parents caring for their family.


These three photos represent both Maggie and Simon's characteristics and personalities. The first picture demonstrates the love between Maggie and Thomas. Their bond is shown and how important it is to have someone there to comfort you with struggles in your life. The picture clearly shows us Thomas is having a rough time, and breaking down to his mother who he seems comfortable with. Her hand position is very appealing because the way she strokes his head and holds him, she's claiming her prideful position as his mum. Her eyes are shut, implying she can feel his pain and how hurt he is. This portrait is very interesting because of the large amount of detail in their expressions.

The second photograph is a picture of Maggie, Jacky and Simon clapping with smiles on their faces. Their expressions seem cheerful and proud. The people before the protagonists have very happy expressions aswell, this is one of the images that insists that the community have begun to approach, appreciate and accept people with handicaps such as Charlie. Maggie, Jacky and Simon are standing up, their body language seems very positive and beyond the crowd they are the only three standing up. This is implying that they are supportive and understanding of everyone and regardless of how different the people are, they are accepting them.

The third picture is Simon Mollison, he seems overjoyed and his body language is stereotyped as how Australians cheer when something good has happened. The way he swings his arms, shows how happy. Regardless of how his family is perceived, he is pursuing a happy attitude and acting like any ordinary father. Despite his sons condition, he is still enjoying life and overcoming the bad comments people disperse.


The mollisons, a family who are continuously facing obstacles to succeed in a better and happier family environment. Maggie and Simon Mollison are the parents of two young boys and are expecting a third child. Their family is having difficulty in facing problems that are consistently arising everyday. The Mollisons are attempting to fit into the society within the Early 1990's. Having the neighbours and people in the community frown upon Charlie, will the Mollisons be able to cope with all the bad comments and turn Charlie's condition into a positive effect on their family? Being the parents of an autistic child such as Charlie, these two parents must overcome their differences and communicate. Being parent's is complicated especially when one of their children will never be normal, but having to improve their relationship will prove how tough their bond really is. Is it possible to be good parents aswell as be a good spouse to one another?