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Week of September 30, 2019

Welcome to Fall

The Fall Festival last week was a wonderful evening organized by our Morgan Volunteers PTO. Thank you to our parents who volunteered their time to set up, organize, and run the event. A thank you to Mr. D and the whole Nature Center team of volunteers who have been working on the Nature Center for the past 6 months. The Nature Center used to be a field trip destination for other schools in the area and Morgan is fortunate to have this special learning resource in our back yard.

NWEA is complete for our students in grades 4-6. Our K-3 graders will be taking the reading test over the next two weeks. Please check with your child's teacher as to the date the have scheduled to test. Results from the fall NWEA can be obtained from your child's teacher. If you have any questions about the test, please the teacher know, or reach out to me.

Congratulations to Miss Quagliotto and Mr. D for their classroom grants that provided the purchase of ukuleles for music and additional drones for the media center.Their efforts give our Morgan kids new, creative experiences in learning!

This week is the start of October! The school year is moving quicker each year. With the beautiful fall weather, and all the outdoor activities available this time of year, spend some time with your kids outside enjoying the fall!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Lasky

School Security

Some clarification on Morgan security during the day and after school.

6:45 AM - 8:00 AM: The main school doors (double doors) are for SACC entrance and exit only. There is a white speaker box by those double doors and a sign that states SACC entrance. Only students/parents who are registered for SACC will be allowed to enter the building through those doors.

8:05 AM: Safety patrol and UCS staff members are at the double doors to allow students purchasing breakfast into the building. Only students purchasing breakfast will be allowed in that this time. Any adult who is NOT registered for SACC will need to enter in the single door with the words "Main Office" overhead. There is a second white speaker box with a silver button to push for the Main Office.

8:25 AM - 3:10 PM: The double doors are locked and not accessible for entrance to the building. All parents/students needing to enter Morgan will need enter in the Main Office single door, with the sign above it that says "Main Office".

3:15 PM - 6:00 PM Only SACC parents can use the double doors to enter the building after being buzzed in by SACC. Please do NOT allow any other person, adult or student, in through the doors behind you. Each SACC parent is asked to show their ID to gain entrance to the building. Allowing other parents, adults or students to enter behind you is considered a breach of security.

3:15 PM - 4:30 PM Main Office is open and parents/student who have left something at school will need to enter through these doors. After 4:30 PM, the main office is closed and there is NO ACCESS to the building for non SACC parents/students. SACC is directed to only allow SACC parents into the building for pick up during this time. They are not permitted to allow parents into the building for forgotten items.

Arrival time: Students enter the building for the school day at 8:15 AM through the double doors. During this time, Morgan staff members are there to direct adults to the Main Office for entrance and allow students to enter through the double doors. The double doors are closed for the school day at 8:25 AM. Students arriving after 8:25 AM enter through the Main Office doors after 8:25 AM to check in with the office.

Dismissal time is 3:10 - 3:20 PM. During this time, students are allowed out of the double doors. Any adults coming to Morgan during this time will need to enter through the Main Office doors.

Visiting Morgan during the school day: Any guests coming to Morgan during the school day need to enter and exit through the main office. Once allowed entrance to the main office, visitors are asked to sign in and receive a "Visitors" badge so staff are aware that the adult has checked in with the main office.

When picking up a sick or injured child, enter through the main office and sign out your child on the yellow sheet. Students waiting for pick up are frequently across the hall from the main office in the health clinic. If you visit the clinic to pick up your child, you will need to exit back through the main office.

Community Education After School Activities: Classes such as Spanish, drawing, floor hockey, chess, golf and other classes will dismiss students from Door 7 at the end of each class. Parents should wait by Door 7 for pick up from these classes. The instructors of these classes are not permitted to allow parents/students back into the building after dismissing from Door 7.

Forgotten Items: Students needing to return to their classroom after school hours are able to access classrooms until 4:30 PM through the Main Office doors. At 4:30 PM, the main office closes, and the doors lock. SACC is not permitted to allow non-SACC parents/students into the building. If you have concerns about forgotten homework or other items in the class, please email your child's teacher to let him/her know about the forgotten item so they are aware.

Thank you for your continued patience as Morgan works to improve the safety and security of all our students, whether before, during or after school hours.

Color Run--October 10

Let's Meet our Goal!!

Last year, Morgan Elementary raised $30,000 in just under two weeks for our Color Run! Those funds were utilized to purchase robots and iPads for the media center, classroom stipends for additional support materials, field trip transportation, playground equipment (soccer goals, Ga-ga ball), and much more. Due to the success of the fundraiser, this was the ONLY fundraiser for school year.

This year the Morgan Volunteers are looking to surpass the $30,000 goal to provide additional playground equipment, field trip transportation, classroom stipends for teachers, technology support, and much more. Students who raise funds can receive awards and special privileges. Should our Morgan learning community reach the goal of $30,000, this will then be the ONLY fundraiser for this school year! That means no pizza kits, cookie dough, magazine, or bed sheet sales! All the details are in the link below.

: Thursday, October 10 (rain date of Friday, October 11)

Goal: To raise $30,000 or more for Morgan Elementary students!

Why: To fund additional activities and materials for Morgan students, such as: Learning A-Z/Raz Kids, Mystery Science, classroom stipends for support materials, field trip busing costs, assemblies/presenters, Literacy support materials, playground equipment, family fun nights and more!

More information can be found in the link below:

Walk to School Day

Wednesday, October 2

Each year, Morgan Elementary participates in national Walk to School Day! This year is a week earlier than last year, but we are ready to walk on Wednesday morning.


7:30 AM: Those families from Morgan Elementary who would like to walk together as a big Morgan group, meet at Mae Stecker park (on 24 Mile, just east of Van Dyke). We will leave for Morgan Elementary at 7:45 AM, walking across Van Dyke, then on the north side of 24 Mile and on the East side of Mound Road all the way to Morgan.

In the past, families have carpooled to the park and/or ridden bikes to Mae Stecker before walking together. This it NOT a drop off event. Students will need an adult to walk with them.

Shelby Township Police is aware of our walk and will be there to help stop traffic when we cross Van Dyke, baring any emergencies.

8:15 AM: The Morgan walking group arrives at Morgan Elementary in time for entrance to the building. Staff are usually on hard to greet walkers as they arrive.

If you would like to join the big Morgan group, please meet us at Mae Stecker on Wednesday, October 2, @ 7:30 AM. See you there!!

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8 Keys Weekly Ticket Winners

As part of Morgan's PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support), each week students at Morgan are able to earn 8 Keys tickets for demonstrating 8 Keys quality in work, play, and lunch times. They submit their tickets to our weekly drawing and two names per grade level are selected on Wednesday or Thursday.

The following are the winner for the past two weeks:


  • Jacob
  • Evelyn
  • Yoga
  • Joseph


  • Aliana
  • Christopher

First Grade:

  • Nate
  • Carter
  • Jared
  • Elliana

Second Grade:

  • Raynae
  • Lyla
  • Desmond
  • Brooke

Third Grade:

  • Alexandria
  • Lexi
  • Sophia
  • Dominic

Fourth Grade:

  • Madeline P
  • Madeline W
  • Madeline P
  • Dawn

Fifth Grade:

  • Layla
  • Katy
  • Ella
  • Andre

Sixth Grade:

  • Nivelle
  • Ellera
  • Killian
  • Zuhair

Looking for Lunch Monitors!

Morgan Elementary is looking for help in the lunchroom! Each year, we are allowed to hire 8 adults to help supervise students on the playground and in the lunchroom throughout our lunch hour. We would like to thank our parents who have already notified us that they will be returning to join our lunchtime this year and are looking for more support!

If you would be interested in helping in the lunchroom, please fill out a lunch monitor application with EduStaff. A link to the application can be found below. You will need to create an account, enter your information, complete some online training modules, and have a background check with finger prints. Then you can work as many lunch days as you would like and be paid for your help!

Several of our lunch monitors also complete additional training in EduStaff to serve as substitute paraprofessionals in our building. If you are interested in becoming a substitute paraprofessional, please use the EduStaff application process below.

If you have questions about becoming a lunch monitor or the online process, please contact Melissa Roth in our main office at 586-797-5800.

Mark Your Calendar!

Calendar Dates

Mark these dates on your calendar:

Wednesday, October 2: Walk to School Day! Meet at Mae Stecker park at 7:30 AM. Walk starts at 7:45 AM to Morgan Elementary.

Thursday, October 10: Morgan Color Run 12:30 - 3:00 PM--see information above

Thursday, October 31: 1/2 Day of school. Students dismissed at 11:29 AM. Halloween!!

Friday, November 1: End of the 1st Marking Period.

Tuesday, November 5: No School

Wednesday, November 13: Evening conferences--sign up to come home in October

Thursday, November 14: 1/2 Day of school. Students dismissed at 11:29 AM. Afternoon & evening conferences--sign up to come home in October.

Wednesday, November 27: No School--Thanksgiving Break Begins

Monday, December 2: School resumes

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UCS News and Updates

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Now Hiring Bus Drivers

Starting at $16.50 per hour w/paid training

Call 586-797-7100

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Morgan Volunteers PTO Webpage

Click here to visit the Morgan Volunteers PTO web page and register for updates and volunteer information. Please update your family information each school year.

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Tuesday, October 15, 6:30 PM

Please join us at the Hamlin Pub located at the corner of 25 Mile Road & Van Dyke (in the Vince & Joe's plaza)!

All Morgan parents are welcome to attend!

Box Tops are Going Digital!

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