Jackie Robinson

by Noie

Early Life

I Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia, on January 31,1919. As a boy, baseball was one of my weakest sports. Jerry Robinson, my father, looking for a better life in Florida, ran away from our family when I was only six months old. My mother Mallie moved our family to Pasadena, California when I was five.
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Cairo Georgia
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How I Got to the Major Leagues

I was famous for being the first African American baseball player. In 1945, Branch Rickey was President of the Dodgers and was the one who really helped me get onto the Dodgers. He told me that I had to be "right ON the field" -- that means that when I am on the field I can't fight back against the spectators if they called out rude comments to me -- and I had to be "right OFF the field" -- which means that when I was off the field I had to be a well behaved man and be respectful. He also said that if my teammates would not get along with me, that it would not work out for me to be in the major leagues.

I began by playing for Montreal, which was the Dodgers' farm club. I worked very hard for two years and then in 1947 I was asked to join the Major Leagues with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Some players on the Dodgers team started a petition saying that they did not want any African Americans on the team and some of the team players signed it. The Dodgers manager, Leo Durocher, was offended by this and told the players that if they could not accept an African-American man on the team, that they could quit. So they decided to stay on the team and over time they got to know me better and weren't so bigoted against me.

My Amazing Baseball Playing

On my first game I got one run but not a hit. I was nervous and jittery and was too scared to play well. On my second game I got a bunt for my first Major league hit. On the third game I got a home run to make the score 10 to 4. At the end of the season they celebrated a Jackie Robinson Day and on that day I was given presents worth about $10,000 from fans all round the United States. I got an award for being Rookie of the Year that year.

I loved playing baseball and I did it all my life. In 1956 when I was 37 I played with the Dodgers in the World Series against the Yankees and we lost 4 games to 3. I made my last major league hit in Game 6 which tied the series, but then the Yankees defeated us in game 7. I was traded from the Dodgers to the New York Giants that winter and I decided to retire instead. They needed younger players and I wanted to spend more time with my family.


Jackie Robinson died on October 24, 1972. He died of a heart attack in Stamford, Connecticut. His wife for many years since the 1970s wanted to make a movie about him and they have finally done that for her. The movie is called "42" and you should watch it.