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1. Mesopotamia & located in Inag. It means land betweenTigris and Euphrates river.

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3. The climate in Mesopotamia is cold.

4. Iraq is the present-day country.

5. 6,374 miles


1. One of the wonders may have been purely legendary. They were purportedly built in the ancient city- state of Babylon, near present -day.

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4. The priest were people who were in charge of making sure everyone behaved in a way that the gods were happy.the upper class were men and women who wore jewelry, especially rings. The lower class were payed to worked for the kings, the temple and wealthy.

5.ziggurats can be found scattered across lands once occupied by Mesopotamia civilizations. The purpose of a ziggurat was to keep a house for the gods, feed the hungry, celebrate, have school lessons and have courts.


1. The framing in Mesopotamia brought people tougher. There were a lot of food because of the fools.

2. It the same process that allowed farming in this region also. There were higher than surrounding plain because of built- up slit in the river bed.

3. They eat fruits , veatvable, nuts, and cakes but on special occasions.

4. The civilizations liked people who lived near boileds of water because of a lot of didn't have houses because they were looking for food and people that live near the water had and extra to give a way.


2. Must have a cities, written language, religious, structure, political strategy, materialistic, art and economic structure.

3. The jaw was a rule of Babylonian king, Hammurabi.

4. 1. If a man has accused of laying a nertu. 4. If he has borne false witness in civil law case. 14. If a man has stolen a child. 21. If a man has broken into a house he shall be killed before the breach and buried there. 147. If she has not borne children, her mistress shall sell her.

5. Gilgamesh was a powerful king of city of Uruk.