Walk This Way Backpacks

A backpack that walks and doesn't need your help!

Are you tired with having to carry your backpack everywhere? Don't you just wish that it would walk itself? Well, NOW IT DOES!

Hi! My name is Lacey Secord and I am the founder of 'Walk This Way Backpacks'. With these backpacks, you do not have to carry them and put so much literal weight on your shoulders. The backpacks can still come in stylist colors and designs for boys and girls of all ages. But, it doesn't have to walk freely, you can have a "leash" on it and it stays right with you! You also have the option of using a remote. So no worries on if people can steal your bag. If you just can't bear to part with your backpack, that's okay! Now you can just buy the hand dandy legs that makes your bag walk! All of this for the price of $125.

Check it Out!

You can come and see the bags for yourself in convenient stores near you! We have many employees in this small company and we all work hard for you. All of our bags are proudly made in a factory in the U.S. We'd love for you to at least come visit us! If you decide that you don't like the bags, that's fine but at least come see and give it a try. We love visitors!

Where to Find Them

To get one you can come pick one out at our new store location or you can order on our website! if you want to check us out further checkout our Facebook and Twitter!