Ancient Greece

BY:Haley Clark


For my research I chose Ancient Greece.My first topic was on Life of the Early Wanderers.This topic helps me understand that life was not easy as a early wanderer.For my second topic I chose slavery in ancient greece. this topic taught me that it was easy and hard as a slave in ancient greece.Finally my last topic is how the greek culture survived it helped me by telling me why the roman empire wanted it to end.

Life of the Early Wanderers

Not a lot is known about Ancient Greece.One thing is that they traded goods for robes, jewelry ,ETC.Another is that the background of the two great greek epics was also the age of kings.The early wanderers lived a warlike life.In spring the Greeks would stop to plant a single crop.The greek pasture was the Danube.

Slavery in Ancient Greece

Slavery freed the Greeks from drudgery.A large part of the Greek population was not free nearly two-fifths.Athenian slaves could earn money to buy their freedom.Most slaves had a miserable lot they were sent in gangs to work in a silver mine.Slavery worked out for some people and not for others.

How Greek Culture Survived

Greek culture ended with the building of the roman empire in 31 B.C.First of all after the building of the roman empire christianity grew and spread.Greek burning was preserved by the christians.Modern science rested on the Greeks idea of human kind.Romans borrowed art and science of the Greeks.


My topics on Ancient Greece taught me that not a lot is known about ancient greece.My first topic was all about the life of the early wanderers one thing I learned about this topic was that the early wanderers lived warlike lives. One thing I learned about my second topic Slavery in Ancient Greece was that slavery actually freed the slaves.My last topic How the Greek culture survived helped me understand Why the christians wanted the Greek culture to end.


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