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January 2022

LEE HS Library 2021-22 School Year

Welcome to the January newsletter! What are your reading goals for 2022? We invite all teachers, students, and staff members to include the LEE Library in whatever reading goals or intentions that are planned for the new year. Teachers please take a look at professional development opportunities coming in February.

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Highlights in this newsletter include:

  1. Instructional collaboration in January
  2. Reading promotions: resources for students and teachers
  3. Professional development: opportunities for teachers in February

Library Instruction Highlights

ISA's Mrs. Moore & Digital Media Students

Thank you to Mrs. Moore who brought her Digital Media students to the library for a lesson on effective database searching. ISA Digital Media students are participating in CSPAN's StudentCam competition which asks students to explore a federal policy or program and examine it from multiple perspectives. Students used library databases to research their topics and gather resources for their presentations.

ISA's Ms. De la Rosa & English II Honors Students

During National News Literacy Week (Jan. 24-28) Ms. De la Rosa brought her English II Honors Students to the library to discuss Lateral Reading, one of the most effective methods to locate reliable sources on the Internet. Using the SIFT approach (developed by Mike Caulfield) and Lateral Reading, students honed their media literacy skills. Anyone can use the Lateral Reading approach - please watch this video to learn more!

Reading Promotions & Resources for Students

Black History Month

Celebrate Black History Month (Feb. 1-28): The LEE Library has curated a selection of mostly NEW books to honor, educate, and bring attention to the diverse experiences, history, and accomplishments of Black Americans. Come by to see these new books! Teacher resources (electronic) are also available to support curriculum and instruction.
Black History Month eBook and Audiobooks: If you don't have time to stop by the library, consider browsing our eBook and Audiobook options. Use SORA to explore the numerous titles that have been curated for Black History Month. SORA is available 24/7 to all students and staff and can be found by going to Launchpad --> Library Resources folder. If you've never used SORA and need assistance, watch this short video.

Chinese Lunar New Year

Year of the Tiger: Stop by the library on Thursday, February 3 at 8:15 AM to join the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration. The LEE HS Chinese Culture Club has partnered with the LEE Library to host a before-school mini-celebration. At 8:15 AM there will be a Lion Dance performance in the foyer in front of the library. Following the performance, head into the library to pick up a paper craft take and make kit!

Curriculum & Instruction Support for Teachers

National News Literacy Week

Follow Up Resources: National News Literacy Week

From News Literacy Project: "This annual event underscores the vital role of news literacy in a democracy and provides audiences with the knowledge, tools, and abilities to become more news literate. It also aims to inspire news consumers, educators, and students to practice news literacy and to strengthen trust in news media by reinforcing the role of credible journalism.

National News Literacy Week will take place January 24-28, 2022, and will offer a variety of ways for educators and students and the general public to get involved, virtually or in person."

Use this link to learn more

Additional media literacy resources for teachers and their students:

Mike Caulfield's blog for teachers to help students hone their fact-checking skills: fourmoves

Media Literacy Resources for teachers: CTRL+F

Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) Civic Online Reasoning curriculum

Professional Development Opportunities in February

Gamify Learning

Curious about how you can impact student learning with games? LEE Librarian Rachel McDevitt and Science Dean Megan Castro will co-facilitate a Gamification teacher training (eligible for teacher choice) on Wednesday, February 9. Participants will be introduced to a variety of edtech resources (some web-based and others available via Launchpad) that can be used to enhance TEKS-based instruction with games. Register now in STRIVE

Podcast Lowdown

Is That a Fact?

News Literacy Project's podcast invites listeners to better understand how false information begins.

From the New Literacy Project:

"For the second season of Is that a fact?, we’re exploring the origins of false narratives and the harm they cause. We know that sharing misinformation is misleading and leaves people poorly informed, but we wanted to go deeper and explore how fictional information starts and then bubbles to the surface to misdirect the country’s civic and cultural discourse. Listen this season as we explore false narratives related to the country’s most important issues and events, including the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, school shootings, immigration, political parties and more."

For more information and links to episodes, click here.

Audiobook & eBook Changes

Changes have arrived to the delivery system that offers students and staff ebooks and audiobooks. As of December 31, 2021 the OverDrive app will no longer be available. All ebook and audiobook checkouts will be facilitated through the Sora app. New to Sora? Familiarize yourself with the app by accessing it from Launchpad --> Library Resources folder.

Sora eBook & Audiobook Circulation

The LEE Library thanks all LEE and ISA teachers who promote the library's electronic collection!

OverDrive (now Sora) Checkouts (eBook and Audiobook combined)

December 16, 2021 - January 31, 2022: 63

Coming in February:

  • Black History Month Resources and Reading Promotions
  • Chinese New Year Celebration and Reading Promotions
  • Gamify Learning Professional Development

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