the big men

What the knights do

The knights are very eager horseback riders. They do what they can at all times and protect the villages and do as they are told by the king. There armor is very well built and hard to protect the m in there daily matters. There weapons are mastered with knifes bows and so much more.

We want stop

Knights are very competitive when it comes to there games .They would hold games a lot. It starts off when they get two knights ready to play and they would have two large pole like objects and the horses would run very fast and its up to the either one of the knights to hit one and make them fall off. Ouch!!

The good old days

The end is near!!

The end

After a while other enemies of the knights got stronger and the knights started to fail new weapons,armor, and soon no one was safe anymore. Some still fought the littl spirit they had but mostly fail.

No more knights

There are some people that tell the stories of the knights, how they had lived a great life in the time they ruled.