Common Core

What is Common Core??

So what is Common Core?

Common Core are a set of standards that are the same across every school district nationwide. Common Core standards can be broken up into two subjects. They are Math Standards and Language Arts Standards. These standards emphasize what the students should know and be able to do and accomplish at the end of each grade level.

The standards for Common Core were created because our academic progress was falling behind when compared to other countries academic success. These standards were created so that students graduating from high school would have the skills to succeed in college, career and life.

How does Common Core work?

English Language Arts (ELA)

The standards establish guidelines for Language Arts as well as literacy in History and Science. The standards have overall standards for this subject but they also have individual grade standards that should be accomplished by each child at the end of the grade year. The standards are focused around reading, writing, speaking, listening and using language in a variety of areas.


When comparing education in America to other countries it always comes down to math. The standards were based off of this and focused on bringing our knowledge of math up so it is comparable to other countries. The standards draw on international standards as well as research that has been done across the country. These new standards provide clarity and specifics instead of broad general standards.

Conversation: A Three-Minute Video on Common Core State Standards

Example of 4th Grade Standards

English Language Arts Standards

  • "Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text."
  • "Determine a theme of a story, drama, or poem from details in the text; summarize the text."
  • "Describe in depth a character, setting, or event in a story or drama, drawing on specific details in the text."

Mathematics Standards

Algebraic thinking

  • "Interpret a multiplication equation as a comparison."
  • "Multiply or divide to solve word problems involving multiplicative comparison."
  • "Solve multistep word problems."

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Your Turn!

In your tables, one person will need to click on the above link and I will assign you a grade and subject. With your table come up with an appropriate activity that meets the common core standards for your grade. You will then share with the class.