My process in AVID...... So far

kennedy cobb class-6 7th

first time in AVID

When i first joyed AVID i dint know how i felt about it.

at first i thought that every one would make fun of me because i came into the class later in the mouth of august.

i was confused and didn't know how or what to do in that class.

sadly i moved into that class when they were about to take a test about SLANT, but after some time of spending time in that class and getting to know every one really help me through half of the year.

how my binder looked then and now

what i first heard about binder check i was like " yeah i'm totally going to pass this check." but sadly i was wrong.

when i was first graded on the check i got a failing grade.

i was so sad and disappointed that i asked myself "why did i fail?'

later on the next binder check i past with only a few thing missing

i was proud of myself and i was able to keep my binder up too what

cornell note

When i first heard about Cornell notes i was like what are those

I didn't know what Cornell notes where because at my old school the never told or teach anything about Cornell notes

When i first taking cornell notes i felt like i had a better way of making notes in stead of Writing down words on a piece of paper and dint know where to find them

Wen we were making cornell notes we learn how to HD them to make them easier to read and to find all of the important information better

What i found hard about making Cornell notes is that i have to turn in a certain amount to the teacher on Friday

tutorial days

The one thing i dislike most about tutorial days i that you have to sit with people than played around.... at least i did

I like tutorial days because they help me when ever i'm confused on a problem on one of my homework or on some test reviews

tutorials where really helpful to cause if i have a teats coming up and i know that there is going to be a problem where i don't under stand i write that down on my TRF so i can get help on it


I din't know much about SLANT at the time cause i came to avid after they had learned it

now i know that SLANT i for for student and how they should look and listen to the teacher when her/she is talking

how AVID help

how AVID help me is in a very great way

at first i thought i wouldn't like AVID but now i know i mad the right choice

thanks to AVID i much neater i have better grades and i know how to stay on track

Thanks AVID