3rd Grade News

Eagle Elementary - Mrs. Grant (March 18 ,2016)


Here is the most recent testing schedule. Please try your best to make sure your child is prepared and at school on these days.

NWEA - April 7 (Math) April 8 (Reading) April 11 (Language)

ISTEP digital - April 19 (Math 1-2) April 20 (Math 3) April 21 (ELA 1) April 26 (ELA 2) April 27 (ELA 3)

Congrats PJ PBL group!

The preschool playground group raised $302 last Thursday!! :) They will meet with Mrs. Hlade, Mrs. Money, and Mrs. Squier next week to order a new hoop for the playground! Way to improve Eagle Elementary Estella, Owen, Leo, Myron, and Luke!
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What we've been up to....

Readers Workshop

This week we continued our Historical Fiction unit of study. We discussed the important use of context clues when reading this type of genre, found informational text books from the time period to strengthen our visualizations from this time period, and discussed characters stuggles and motivations. We also read the 2016 Newbery Award book Last Stop on Market Street. What a great book- definitely one for the bookshelf.

Social Studies

We worked on our end of unit project and took the quiz on Friday. It was tricky. Thank you for your support at home. We will start our Economics unit after spring break.

Word Study

This week we worked on context clues to come up with words similar to the word given. Next week we will dive into root words.


We are now up to four articles written for our specialty project!! GOOGLE ACCOUNT. I scramble daily to read their articles and would always appreciate an extra set of eyes to look for gramatical errors. Thank you in an advance.

March Madness Brackets..

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Math and Science

Mr. McKinley will email. :)