Interactive Resume

By Kaitlyn Lunsford


  • I am very good with children
  • Known to be a hard worker
  • Sports- Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, and Track
  • very good at team work
  • multitasking
  • Very organized
  • dependable
  • good at taking pictures
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One of my main interests is traveling the world and taking pictures of the places I go.
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One of my many hobbies is dancing, which I've been doing for 5 years.
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Another one of my hobbies/interests is playing soccer and spending time with my team mates.
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I also enjoy spending time with my brother and my sister.
May 8, 2016
A reason why you should hire me is because I've been traveling ever since I was young, so I believe that I would be able to show your customers amazing places to travel.
Here's a link to my job resume