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Great Week 4!

Tuesday was a good day. To those of you who were sick or traveling: we missed your beautiful faces and joyful presence. I am praying for you this week for safe travels and rapid recovery. As you dive into your memory work review, among other "subjects" you are trudging through with your children, take a moment to read a few inspiring words from these brief articles. They'll give you some motivation and reassurance that your hard work will be worth the effort.

A Journey Worth Taking

Getting it All Done

Thank you for being respectful of Harvest House and their requests for quiet during the times when they have artists recording. There will be a few more of those times, one being October 6, but not too many. Some we will know about well in advance and others we may not, but we will flex with it. We are blessed to have a location to meet in that is so accommodating to us in so many ways.

Next Week Notables

Week 5 - September 29

Family Presentation

Week 5 - Lowe Family

Week 6 - Finch Family

Week 7 (after the break, Oct. 20) - Straube Family

Fall Break

Fall Break is coming up! We will not have CC the week of October 13, so make a note on your calendar. Use your break week to review the first six weeks of memory work.

Prayer Requests

Jennifer Hanifan, one of our Challenge directors, wants to pray for you. Each Tuesday in the lobby will be a sheet where you can write out prayer requests. Jennifer would love to lift your needs to the Lord in prayer.

Need a Babysitter? Or someone to come play with your children so that you can get some stuff done? Parker Sauder, one of our Challenge students, has completed his babysitter training course and would like you to know that he is available to help out with your childcare needs. He's great with kids! Contact Page Sauder for more info:

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