Open House Smore

By: Jadon Figueredo

Earthquakes PBL

Driving Question-How can we, as structsural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?


I liked this project because it was very fun and creative. I got to design a building like an engineer and create the design with a group. The shaketable test was really fun because I have never experienced that kind of test for a building.

Atmosphere 30 hands project


I liked this project because it was very fun. It was with a device and on a app I like to use. It was piccollage.

Invention Convention

My invention helps solve a problem which is, pollution and global warming. Our invention is call the solar and wind car. Pollution and global warming costed the European Union €161 billion euro's. My invention has many functions. The first function is solar power. The sun shines on the solar panels on the car and the solar panels power the engine. The second function is wind. Wind is the backup source if there is no sun. The wind blows and then the windmill turns powering the car.


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