from Cocoa beans to chocolate

By: Sai Durbha

Chocolate is an awesome thing to eat!

Chocolate is great because it tastes delicious. Its also great because it has different types of flavors. Chocolate is very popular.

Trees to cocoa beans

Chocolate comes from Cocoa trees. Cocoa trees come from Africa or Brazil. finally a train takes the chocolate to the factory.

Making Chocolate

In the factory they cook the cocoa beans and roast it. The cocoa beans travel in a machine. Next they heat the beans. It turns them into rich black. Then they use a other machine that makes awesome texture .Finally they dry the chocolate to get solid. It is poured into molds. Then they wrap the solid Chocolate. Then it gets shipped to the store.

The history of Chocolate.

Chocolate is a product from long ago. People use to drink chocolate. At first chocolate was a little bitter taste. Then after years past bye it got better and better.

Time to eat Chocolate

Chocolate is a yummy thing to eat. Lots of people love chocolate. your also eating cocoa beans at the same time!
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