Canada in 2060

How will Canada look like in 2060?

Will Canada remain the same in the next 45 years?

In this flyer i will be talking about how Canada's demographics will change over the years. I will be talking about how the immigration trends,population trends and the First Nation,Metis and Inuit trends. Of course all three of those trends will change immensely over the years and I, Khadija will tell you how they will change in the next 45 years.

Immigration trends

I believe immigration is going to be a lot less common. The reason why I think immigration is going to be a lot less common is because in the next 45 years countries like Syria or Iraq would probably have already solved their problems(both Iraq and Syria are currently are in bad condition leading people to come to Canada as refugees).Another reason why I think the immigration rules are becoming more and more difficult so less people are willing to go through a lot of obstacles. The harder the obstacles the less immigrants.

Population trends and FNMI

Births rates will definitely will go lower. As technology gets better having a lot of children won't be necessary.In the old days people had a lot children to help with farming etc. Death rates will decrease because health care will improve.Over the years many cancer/diseases cures will be found that makes our death rate lower. The FNMI community will grow because they will continue to help Canada's economy by having many children. I also think they will be most of our population in 2060. They are now only 50% native population if natives continue having a lot children.


This concludes my flyer that shows my opinion about Canada's demographic in the next 45 years. The video below shows you Canada's demographics and how it will change in long periods of time.
Demographics of Canada