By:Gerardo Marroquin

What part hypertension affects where in the body

Hypertension gives you high bleood pressure and it can effect arteries and your blood.this is more common with adults but can hep pen with teens and babies. How this is formed is by diet, activity, temperature, rest, posture, and emotions.

Signs of the symptom

How you can tell if you have hypertension is by headaches, vision changes, dizziness, nosebleeds and feeling nauseous.

Risk Factors

Most of the time there's no reason why you get high blood pressure but some reasons you can get hypertension is being obese, stress, lack of exercise, too much salt in the diet, and use of alcohol, tobacco, and use of illegal drugs. You can prevent hypertension by exercising a hour a day, lees salt in the diet, no use of drugs etc. and by being at a normal weight for your height.

Difference between other disorders or diseases

Hypertension is different between other disorders or diseases by it giving you high blood pressure and sometimes kidney disease can give you hypertension also. Just because you have high blood pressure it doesn't always mean that you have hypertension.