Shae Gustafson - 2nd hr. Science

Career Overview

In the United States astronauts are apart of NASA and they are in the space shuttle crew, so they travel to space and study space. They also coordinate crew activities, correct any malfunctions in the operation of the shuttle, and they monitor and operate systems on the shuttle.

Helpful Classes

Good classes to take in high school are: Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics and Probability, and Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra

As far as college, I would need: Cosmology, Methods of Theoretical Physics, Particles and Motion, Physics with Calculus, Solar System Anatomy, Stellar and Galactic Astronomy, Theoretical Mechanics

Education and Living Cost

Grand total (living and education cost): $199,100

University of Arizona tuition per year: $40,321

Four years at University of Arizona: $161,284

Housing for time in college (dorm): $21,600

Food/Groceries for time in college: $10,800

Gas money for traveling/helping pay for carpool: $2,700

Clothing money for time in college: $4,000

Total tuition for time in college (4 years): $160,000

• Many people will need to apply for loans or a scholarship because it is difficult to save up the full amount that college costs.

• It is a good idea to get a job and work full hours in the summer so you can try to keep up with the payments. Getting a job during the school year and working at night would be helpful too, but not everyone has time for that.

• I might want to be an astronaut because my favorite thing to learn about is space and astronomy and I am very interested in it! The only reason I wouldn't want this job is because all the movies I've seen about astronauts, they haven't had a safe trip up to space, in space they had problems, and on the way back to Earth was dangerous. So I wouldn't risk my life for that, but otherwise it would be a very cool and fun job!

Organizations for this Career

Astronaut Pros & Cons


Work eight hours a day.

Pays well ($128,140 per year).

You get to do things that most people will never do in their lives like go in space!


Required to complete an exhaustive year of training.

Most job sites are in Texas and Florida, so you would have to move.


Are you interested in astronomy and wonder what’s out in space? Have you ever wanted to do something cool that most people will never get to do? Then being an astronaut is the perfect job for you! Everyday they study astronomy, and eventually they will go into outer space! Sounds cool, doesn't it? Most people think that astronauts have to work long hours, but they are wrong. Astronauts work eight hours a day and get most weekends off, so they can still have time for family and friends! Another good thing about this job is you get payed $128,140 a year, only needing a bachelors degree to get into the job! So if you are at all interested, take your astronomy and adventuring skills to your next occupation of being an astronaut!