Counting and Probability

How easy can it get?

People relate counting to fingers!

Counting is a method of finding something, anything, in common between a group of things. The traditional way of counting is usually just continually increasing an object by a unit while marking those elements to avoid counting them twice, until no unmarked elements are left.

Where do all these statistics come from?!

The statstics that everyone sees EVERYWHERE are only a good way of the use of probability. To decide "how likely" an event is, or how big the "chance" of winning something is, or even how many people decided to do something, we need to count the number of times this event could occur and compare it to the total number of possible events.
Probability and Counting Techniques

Counting and Probability can be as easy as pie! As long as you have the recipe....

Like everything else in math.... Counting and probability have their own formulas. they include a number of different terms with the way to ise them. we will not bore you with all these details, for more information on the topic, please visit the given website:

Reem Itani